What was the issue with women in military?

The debate is over whether women should be allowed to take up combat roles in the military- mostly ground combat roles such as artillery, cavalry and tanks and such, and especially infantry. They are currently not allowed to serve in such roles, though they can engage in combat as pilots and a few other roles. Proponents of women in these military jobs say that if a woman can handle the job physically, she should be allowed to do so. Critics of the idea cite the idea that women are physically less capable of carrying the 70 or so pounds of gear infantrymen often march long distances with, or their potential inability to carry wounded and dead comrades out of danger. They also say women would inherently distract infantrymen, and that they would be treated much more cruelly if captured by the enemy.
It is a hotly debated issue and there is likely no perfect answer, but as of now the military does not believe that enough women would even be able to physically perform at a completely identical physical level to male soldiers, airmen, sailors, and Marines to bother allowing them to attempt training for ground combat roles. It costs a considerable amount of money to train people for these positions and if women were universally allowed into these schools and had a very high dropout rate it would be ill advised from a financial standpoint.