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The Incas had the largest empire in early American civilizations.

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The Mayan's were the earliest,from 300 - 900 A.D., they had a population of about 10 million people.

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Q: What was the largest early American civilization?
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What early American civilization is represented by chichen itza?

The Mayan civilization

Is Cherokee an early American civilization?

A tribe rather than a civilization.

Which early American civilization was the longest?

The Inca

What is the largest South American Indian civilization?

south America

Which group made the largest social class in early civilization?

Early civilisations were agricultural societies. Therefore, the largest social group was the peasantry.

What early American civilization was conquered by Francisco Pizarro?

The Guatamala civilization of America

Which early American civilization developed the concept of zero?


Which of theses early American civilization was largely nomadic?


What was the largest of the early American civilations?


What was the largest of the early American civilizations?


Who were the first early American civilization to build the stone pyramids?


What early American civilization created its own system of hieroglyphics?

The Mayans.