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the main idea is it was time time between the war of 1812 and the civil war it was the time were the south and north was dong fine

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What was the main economic activity of the slaves?

If you are referring to the slaves of the antebellum South, the main economic activity was cotton farming.

How many free blacks lived in the antebellum south during the 1850s?

In the antebellum South lived 200,000 free blacks.

What was the antebellum south?

The south before the civil war.

What was the main idea of Abraham Lincoln's plan for Reconstruction?

the main idea of reconstruction is to rejoin the south and the north.

Why was the South called Antebellum?

the definition antebellum means pre civil war south or the southern government just before the civil war

What does the term Antebellum South refer to?

The term Antebellum South refers to the period before the start of the Civil War. The South had an agrarian economy that relied heavily on slave labor.

How do you put antebellum in a sentence?

One of the ways antebellum can be used in a sentence is the following: Antebellum refers to the American South prior the Civil War where slavery and plantation operations existed.

What was Lincoln's main vision for reconstruction?

the main idea of reconstruction is to rejoin the south and the north.

What was Lincoln main goal in the reconstruction?

the main idea of reconstruction is to rejoin the south and the north.

What was Lincolns main goal in reconstruction?

the main idea of reconstruction is to rejoin the south and the north.

Sentence using antebellum?

"Antebellum" is an adjective that refers to something that occurred or existed before the American Civil War. An example sentence: "Fashion among women was at its height in the antebellum South."

By 1860 the lower south became known as?

By 1860 the lower south became known as the antebellum south

How many slaves were owned by white families in the antebellum South?

White familes in the south during the antebellum time did not own any slaves. At least the majority of whits did not own any

What is The Antebellum Period?

the period before a war. specifically the civil war in the south

How many slaves did a majority of white families own in the antebellum south?

I know this answer, because i am studying for an AP us history exam. The answe is 0. Most families in the antebellum south (88%) owned no slaves at all!

What is a sentence using the word antebellum?

The movie "Gone With The Wind" is a commentary about life in the antebellum or pre-civil-war South, and how that lifestyle was just blown away after the war.

What were the main exports of South Carolina in 1710?

nothing this was a bad idea to look at this this is a virus.

How is an implied main idea different from a stated main idea?

A stated main idea is when the author says the main idea right in the story where an implied main idea is where the author gives you clues to the main idea and you have to infer it.

How was the economy in the South before the US Civil War?

Before the US Civil War in the days called antebellum, the South was a prosperous farm based section of the US. It's main crops were rice, cotton and tobacco. The North benefited from the South as they imported these products.

What does main idea mean?

what the whole story is about that is what main idea mean.

What percent of the nations industrial goods were manufactured in the South of the US?

The Antebellum South manufactured only 10% of the nation's goods

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