What was the male-female ratio of Jews killed in the Holocaust?

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August 19, 2011 2:07PM

This is a very delicate subject. I am not of Jewish decent, but

my father had a dear Jewish friend who was a reporter in Germany.

He smuggled many pictures back to Canada and later, when I was 17

years old my father showed me those pictures. Need I say, I was

shocked and horrified and was ashamed at this time to be part of

the human race. My father then explained what happened, and that we

must all learn from such a tragic war in order to honor the lives

of those good men, women and children that died in this manner.

Unfortunately, my father's friend was captured and his body was

never found.

Believe it or not there are many people to this day (including

some fine professors in Universities that do not believe Jews were

subjected to gas chambers. One professor several years later after

the war even went to the gas chambers in Germany to take samples to

see if the Nazis had actually used the gas ZykonB or any type of

cyanide. He took his samples from between the bricks. His findings

were "this did not exist and there was no future proof it did."

However, other forensics did a test on the same samples and found

too much mortar to give a true reading. The fact of the matter

there are pictures to prove it and survivors who have no reason to

lie. Many people to this day (even though some witnessed the

aftermath of what Hitler's dirty deeds were during the war) refused

to believe gas chambers existed. It's called "denial" and YES it

did happen! This same professor looked at pictures of what appeared

to be well fed prisoners with warm clothing on. This man had to be

living under a rock at the time, because ALL countries at war will

show the very best of their prisoners and it's called "propaganda."

Even our own men who were POWs were shown in pictures as smiling,

looking quite healthy , but the truth of the matter is, they are

not and these pictures are of new prisoners that have not been in

POW camps long enough to look as ravaged as those that had spent

months and years in captivity by the enemy. Also this professor

could not understand why the Nazi's would go to the trouble of

tattooing the prisoners if they were going to exterminate them.

Although I hate to put it in this manner ... we brand cattle

knowing full well they are going to slaughter!

Many do not know of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. On Passover,

April 19, 1943, 2,000 men, Germans, Ukrainian, Baltic troops,

Polish police and firemen entered the ghetto which had been cut

down steadily size since January. A tank led the way, and the Jews

tried to stop it with Molotov cocktails, but they had no effect.

Some 650 people in 20 groups moved underground through the sewers

to attack the Nazis whenever they could, but within 4 days,

Brigadefuhrer Jurgen Stroop ordered the destruction of the entire

ghetto "by setting every block on fire." 56,000 were dead,

including 5,000-6,000 who were burned alive in the fires set by the

Nazis. Jewish women were forced to surrender April, 1943, Warsaw,


Like most wars it is impossible to give correct stats in body

count. There were 6 million Jews (including Gypsies and Polish)

that died in these concentration camps and I am sure the count is

even higher. Not all prisoners of the concentration camps were

murdered in gas chambers. Many were purposely starved to death,

etc. Many died on the "death March" in which the Nazis had every

intentions of putting them on ships and then sinking them. However,

the march was too hard on the already weakened prisoners and many

died, others were shot and left on the side of the road like rag

dolls. The atrocities are so horrific that I am going to leave you

a website to go too and you can study it for yourself and make your

own conclusions. I do not want to put on this board the atrocities

of what happened to these poor souls and cause pain or anger for


I would like to add, with great delight, that the U.S. (also

British/Canadian) went into these concentration camps to liberate

the prisoners and they were so horrified at what they found they

forced many of the German People (women, men, and children) to go

through the camp to see what their beloved Furer had been up too.

Some denied it, some were horrified and others were indifferent.

U.S. Army Lietuenant Colonel Seiler, addressed 200 German civilians

and forced them to see conditions amid the victims of the holocaust

in Landsberg Concentration Camp, Germany May 15, 1945. The

liberating armies also made high ranking German Officers bury many

of the dead. The liberating armies held services for the dead.

It is a slip of the tongue when one says, "6 millions Jews died

in the gas chamber." Many did, but some were tortured to death

while others starved to death and there were many diseases that

caused the lives of these prisoners.

From each war we must learn not only that there is no winners in

war, but we must be forever grateful to those that died (soldiers

and civilians alike) and try to bring some peace to this

indifferent world we live in. We must also learn that when we yell

out "We won the war!" did we? What about all the lives lost of our

loved ones. If that's called winning, no thanks!

Here is the website:


If you have problems getting on this site please go to:


Then type in ... history of German concentration camps.



Policy of targeting males and females changed during the


At first men were exclusivly targeted, then women and children

were also included, by 1943 men were wanted for labour and women

and children were tageted for immediated execution, by the end

there was no significant difference.

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