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What was the manufacture date of Model 94 serial number 1230741 and what is its approximate value?


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Serial number 1,230,741 was manufactured in 1940 and in all probability is a carbine with 20" barrel and shotgun buttplate. Its value will vary greatly, dependent mainly on its condition and could range from merely a "parts gun" with a minimal value under $100.00 to $500.00 or $600.00 if it is in excellent condition and retains almost all of its ORIGINAL factory metal bluing and wood finish. If the owner wants a more accurate figure, he can contact me by email at . Don Schimpff Redding, CA According the Blue Book of gun values serial number 1221289 was the last serial made in 1942. There were no serial numbers available during the years 1943 thru 1947 for the Model 94. In 1948 serial numbering was started with number 1500000 and this weapon with this serial number was presented to President Harry S. Truman in 1948 Don is correct... serial number 123741 was manufactured in the year 1940. Serial number 1221289 was not the last serial number made in 1942... that distinction belongs to serial number 1343183. Serial 1221289 was actually manufactured early in the year 1940. Bert H.


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