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What was the most commonly used infantry rifle of the US Civil War at the beginning of 1865?


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As the US Civil War entered its fifth year in 1865, most infantrymen were no longer using the old style musket type rifles of the past. By the war's end, most soldiers were using either the '58 Springfield or the 577 Enfield rifle musket.

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During the US Civil War one weapon was the most used one by the Union infantry. This was the 1861 Model of the Springfield rifle.

The British made 'Baker Rifle' was the first widely used Infantry rifle in the early 1800's

Rifles were first used in warfare on a significant scale in the American Revolutionary War, when the Ferguson rifle was issued to a special corps of riflemen raised in 1777 from light infantry companies of the British army in the colonies. By the Napoleonic wars (1803 to 1815), the rifle became more widespread, with the British Army raising special regiments of riflemen and issuing riles to the light companies of regular infantry regiments. Other armies adopted the rifle as well, either in similar specialized units or issued to chosen marksmen in regular infantry units. By the 1850s, the rifle (specifically the muzzle-loading "rifled musket") displaced the smoothbore musket as the standard infantry weapon. This was the standard weapon on both sides of the American Civil War.

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I own an original 1850 Springfield rifle used in the civil war! It has the bayonet as well on the end of the Rifle extending its length an extra 2 feet or so.

The regulation US Army Infantry insignia consists of two crossed model 1795 Springfield flintlock muskets of .69 caliber. This was the US Army's first US government made & issued shoulder arm. This infantry insignia was officially adapted by the US Army in 1922. From about 1875 until 1922, the US Infantry used the crossed rifles that were issued to the US Infantry at the time. Everytime the US Army adopted a new rifle, the Quartermaster would have to issue a new infantry crossed rifle insignia to match the new rifle. For example when the Army adapted the model 1903 bolt action Springfield in 1903...crossed 1903 Springfield insignia's had to be issued. This all ended by the new 1922 regulation.

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Sharps Rifle was a popular Union Rifle during the civil war

Primary Australian infantry rifle was the British .303 Lee Enfield bolt action rifle. The Turks used machine guns on the advancing (charging Australians).

For which nation? There were different countries with different rifles. US- 1903 or 1903A3 rifle, and the 1917 rifle Britain- SMLE Germany- 8mm Mauser 98 Russia- 91/30 Mosin-Nagant

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ANSWER In the order: the rifled muskets, the miniè bullet, the breech-loading rifle, the repeating carbine and rifle.

Union forces had privately purchased them. Rebel forces used captured repeating rifles. The repeater, was considered the "assault rifle" of the Civil War. Just as the M16 assault rifle replaced the M14 rifle in Vietnam.

There were several types of weapons used in the civil war. The top ten weapons were the cannon, Minnie ball, pistols, sabers, swords, knives, Springfield rifle, Lorenz rifle, Colt rifle, and repeating weapons.

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