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What was the most frightening weapon in the middle ages?


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December 21, 2010 9:28AM

Possibly early gunpowder weapons at the end of the Medieval Age, as they would have been terrifying to people who had never heard of gunpowder before.

The long bow because of it's range. The trebuchet, a seige engine and the first biological weapon. Capable not only of launching rocks over and into castle walls but also launching rotting carcases over castle walls to demoralize the occupants and to introduce disease.

longbow had a much larger range but crossbows were more frightening in my opinion. you could be shot off a castle's wall by one they are much more powerful. monks tried to ban it because of it's power but i agree with everything else

For the common infantry soldier, the sight of a fully armoured knight and horse charging directly at you would also have been pretty terrifying.