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to select George Washington to head the army.

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to check if George III would be ready for war

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eleted george washington

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Q: What was the most important single action taken by the Second Continental Congress?
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What were two important decisions made at second continental congress?

their most important decision was making George Washington their commander in chief (president).

What action did the second continental congress take to begin governing the colonies?

The actions that the Second Continental Congress took to begin governing the colonies were authorizing a currency with a post office, creating committees to handle relations with Native Americans and foreign countries, and it created the continental army.

What action were taken by the second continental congress?

Some called for war others for peace. Once again they compromised. Although the congress did not openly revolt delegates showed their growing dissatisfaction.

The most important action the Continental Congress took to protest the Intolerable Acts was?

Forming the Association to impose a complete boycott of all British goods

What was the most important action of the continental congress took to protest The Intolerable Acts?

The most important action taken by the Continental Congress to protest the Intolerable Acts was the formation of the First Continental Congress in 1774. During this meeting, delegates from twelve out of the thirteen colonies came together to discuss their grievances and plan a unified response to the British government. It was during this congress that agreements were made to boycott British goods, support non-importation agreements, and prepare militias for potential conflict with British forces.

Three weeks after American revolution began 1775 delegates from all colonies except Georgia met to discuss possible courses of action?

Second Continental Congress

What action did the first continental congress take first?

The First Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Rights and Grievances and the Continental Association.that's i think........

At the first continental Congress what significant action didbdelegates take against the British?

They boycotted British imports

What can be inferred by Rhode Island action at second Continental congressional convention?


What steps did the Continental Congress take to pursue war with Britain?

This doesn't really have anything to do with the Civil War, but I'll answer it anyway. I'd say that the Declaration of Independence definitely was an action that the Continental Congress took to pursue war.

What significant action did delegates organize against the british at the first continental congress?

they called for a boycott of all British imports

At the first continental congress what significant action did delegates organizes against the British?

they called for a boycott of all British imports