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What was the name of the battle that was Hitler's last effort at crippling the allied forces?


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The Battle of the Bulge which is also known as the Ardennes Offensive .

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It was both the Japanese and us as the United States that put so much effort into the battle of Philippine Sea. But it was because our attack on them was so devastating and crippling that the Japanese threw (nearly worthlessly) everything they had at us. The only problem? We basically exterminated them and put their entire offensive operation out of business.

Communism called for the overthrow of capitalism. The revolution had weakened the Allied war effort.

Allied naval blockade of German ports were causing hardship to German citizens and hampering Germany's war effort. However, from the various naval battles with the Royal Navy, the Imperial German Navy had learned that it can not defeat the Allied on surface battle. Hence the aims of lifting Allied naval blockade on German ports and crippling the shipping bloodline of British Empire can not be achieved without the use of submarines. However, normal submarine warfare where U-boats have to surface and reveal its presence before searching and attacking is deemed to be too cumbersome, hence the use of unrestricted submarine warfare.

The main battle had been for the Greeks to fight a sea battle in the strait next to Thermopylai. Holding the pass forced the Persians to try to outflank the position by sea, and the Greek fleet was waiting for this. The Greeks lost the sea battle and retired to the Strait at Salamis where they refought the sea battle and won, crippling the Persian war effort. The Athenians had meanwhile evacuated their people to other cities, and embarked for the sea battle. After the Salamis battle, the Persians had to withdraw north for the winter, and the Athenians reoccupied their city.

The Battle of Somme was a four-month battle from July to November during World War I. The battle was fought in an Allied Command effort to relieve French forces at Verdun by attacking the Germans from the north. Casualty figures were high, with the British losing 420,000, the French 200,000 and the Germans nearly 500,000 men.

It was the first island the Allied Forces took from the Japanese in a victorious effort. It showed the Japanese they were not unbeatable and the Allied Forces meant business.

It changed the relationship considerably for the Americans. The French had never believed that the Americans could defeat the British until the battle of Saratoga so they helped support the Americans in their effort even more and Allied themselves to the American Revolution openly against the United Kingdom. They dedicated the French Navy and 10,000 troops to the effort.

D-Day was the major effort in getting Allied troops, weapons and supporting materials into Europe.

American soldiers supplied much need fresh troops to the Allied effort. They were vital to the Hundred Days Offensive, the final military operation of the war, which forced the German Empire to finally surrender and end the war.

The battle of tyhe bulge resulted in greatly reduced manpower for the germans, as well as great loss in air force power. The allies, on the other hand, remaind weel equipped with ample man power. Hitlers last-ditch effort to win the war resluted in a loss of force that eventaully led to his demise, 2 months later.

Effort includes hard work, determination, struggle, and perseverance. There are many other words that describe effort, including push, battle, and force.

Because they were all able to eat Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

I think it was a good and bad idea because...a) It won the WWII Battle. b) Because they lost so many people. c) it was a hard defence to penetrate and the Allied Forces barely broke through the defences. Of course it turned out to be a terrible battle, with many loses. In "hind-sight" we should have used more bombardment of that region from major ships, bombers and rockets. BUT a landing HAD to be made there because we could not allow a gap between the British and American landings. One reason the battle was so fierce was the German effort to split the two Allied Armies. So, bad as it was, it was necessary.

A struggle is an effort to do something that is very difficult for you to do.A struggle is a battle, or difficult effort, against someone or something. It can be a conflict with a person, or an effort to overcome some obstacle, debility, or disease.

Answer this question… The massive amount of Allied forces landing in Normandy caused the German army to retreat and the Allies to reclaim France.

To cover the entire cost of the allied war effort in World War I

The only impact of the Battle of the Bulge is that it shortened the German war effort by using up battle assets (men and equipment) that could not be replaced.

When the US entered World War II in 1941, its strategy was to send most of its troops to the Pacific to battle Japanese forces. Later, from 1943-1945 the US led the allied war effort in Europe.

The Allied troops stormed Normandy Beach, in an effort to free France from German occupation and to invade Germany

It was a combined effort between the British and the Americans. Eisenhower was the commander of Allied forces for the invasion.

About 140,000 New Zealanders fought overseas for the Allied war effort.

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