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What was the name of the native land of the mercenary soldiers?

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Where did the name Buffalo soldiers come from?

The Buffalo Soldiers got their name because their hair was tough like a buffalo's hide.Thanks,Courtney2017

What was the original name for native land?

Dinetah or something like that

What natives called the land?

In the United States the Native Americans did not call the land by any name because they did not claim ownership of it complete. The Native American's just referred to it as "The land".

Name the land bridge native Americans crossed to get to America?

the Native Americans crossed the Bering Straight

Where did Iowa get its name?

Iowa is a native American word that means- 'beautifil land'.

How did Inuits get their name?

they got it from a inuit leader and it means in native ''our people" and "are land"

How did it get its name Jamaica?

Jamaica got it's name from its native the Awraks. It means 'land of wood and water'

Aotearoa means land of the white?

Aotearoa is the native maori name for new zealand. This means land of the long white cloud, a description of the land if you will

What is the native name for NZ?

Aotearoa is the Maori name for NZ. The common translation for this is "the land of the long white cloud".

What country in Europe has a native name country of eagle?

Albania is known as the Land of the Eagles.

Who was Johannes Kepler's dad?

His name is Hernich Kepler. He was a mercenary solider.

What is a good name for a mercenary organization preferably in Latin?

The Latin for mercenary is mercanarius meaning, quite literally, 'One who will do anything for money...' So, why not 'Mercanarii' - the plural of mercanarius...

Why did they call it Guyana?

The name "Guiana" was given to it by the Amerindian tribes that were native to the land. It's name means "land of many waters." When the country was granted independence, they change it to Guyana.

What nationality is the name Souder?

French (Breton): occupational name for a mercenary soldier, Old French soldoier.

What is the difference between a mercenary and an assassin?

A mercenary is paid to fight in a war hand on hand or from afar usually is known by name ,but an assassin which kills from an distance and is usually unknown by identity

What is the name for when the land gets set aside from Indians?

The land is called a "Reservation" because it is reserved for Indians (aka, and more accurately - Native Americans).

Where did the name Alice come from?

The named Alice was name after a queen of a land long ago and made lots of history to the native American book.

Where did Buffalo soldiers come from?

The original Buffalo Soldiers were the all African American members of the 10th U.S. Cavalry from Fort Leavenworth, Kansas in 1866. The origin of their name is debated. Some say the Native Americans compared their hair to that of bison. Others attribute the name to the fierce fighting style and hardy survival of the soldiers.

What is the name of the native people of new Zealand?

Maori are the Tangata Whenua (people of the land) of New Zealand (Aotearoa.)

Where did buffalo soldiers get their names?

I read in readers digest that the native american Indian gave that name buffalo soldiers to the negro soldiers....because they the black soldiers had tightly curled hair ...sort of like the hair of a buffalo

What was Kepler's dads name?

Heinrich Kepler was a former mercenary soldier but later became an innkeeper.

Why were the buffalo soldiers called buffalo soldiers?

The name Buffalo Soldier was a nickname the Native Americans gave to the Black calvary of the 9th and 10th Calvary Regiments because of their combat prowess bravery, tenaciousness, and their appearance on the battlefield.

When did Alaska get its name?

Alyeska mean "Great Land" Alesha-ka means Great Land in Sanskrit. This is very well the original meaning used by the native indians!

What was the name of America before America?

Most Europeans called it the New Land, but i don't know what the native Americans called it.

What is a name for the take over of native American land?

colonial age. when the spinards landed on the continent, that was a new colony for Spain

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