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Q: What was the name of the new country that formed in 1860 when the southern states broke away from the US?
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What is the name of the new country formed by the southern states which broke apart?

Confederate States of American

What was the name of the nation formed when the southern states broke away from the union?

Confederate States of America

What is the name of the new country formed by the states that had seceded from the union?

The Confederate States of America, The Confederacy, the Confederated States, the CSA were all names used by the southern states when they broke away from the United States 1861-1865.

What affect did the Election of Abraham Lincoln have on the civil war?

It caused it. One Southern state after another broke away and formed the Confederate States of America.

What country used to be two countries?

The USA is an example. During the Civil War era, the Southern USA broke off and formed the separate country of the Confederate States of America. The USA was later reunited after the Northern USA won the war.Many countries have been divided throughout history. Two examples are Germany and the US. After WW2, Germany split into West Germany and East Germany, but later united. During the Civil War era, the southern states broke away from the US and formed the Confederate States of America. The US later united after the North won the Civil War.

What were the southern states that broke away fom the union called?

Confederate states

Who fought for the Union during the Civil War?

The Civil War was fought because a group of states in the southern US wanted to split away and form a new nation that would be run the way they wanted. The 11 Southern states the broke away (or seceded) were known as the Confederate States. The Union were the remaining states within the United States that fought to keep the southern states as part of the country.

Why did the southern states break away?

The southern states broke away because they believed in slavery. They feared that Abraham Lincoln would take that right away from them.

Who were the rebels during the civil war?

The Southern (Confederate) States - the ones that broke away from the USA.

Who became the president of the southern states new nation when they broke away from the union?

Jefferson Davis.

Which southern state seceded but some of its counties didn't want it to and later formed another state?

The western counties of Virginia broke away, and formed West Virginia.

Who fougth in the Civil War?

The two armies who fought in the civil war were the Northern States and the Southern States when the southern states broke off because the people of the south used slaves while the northern states were trying to get rid of slavery.

Who were the contenders of American Civil War?

The Confederate States of America - a group of eleven Southern slave-states that broke away from the USA, and were hoping to be recognised as a sovereign nation. The Union - the remaining states of the USA, led by Lincoln in Washington, aiming to re-unite the country.

What was the Confederat states of America?

The Confederate States of America was a separate nation within the USA formed when eleven original US states broke away from the union

How many states were in the Union Army?

There were 35 states, total before secession started. 11 Southern States seceded, and fought in a formed union, or group called the Confederacy of the United States. During the Civil War, West Virginia broke off from Virginia, and become the 36th state, joining the Union. The answer is 24, then 25.

Which side fought for freedom in the civil war?

The Union army was fighting for the end of slavery and to unite the country again. The southern states were huge supporters of slavery, considering the fact that southerners had huge plantations which required many people to take care of the huge area, so slaves were often an option...After the southern states and northern states argued over slavery, most southern states seceded from the United States and created their own country, called the "Confederacy". Their first president was Jefferson Davis. So a civil war broke out, causing the northern states to fight the southern states.So basically the goal for the Union was to end slavery and unite the United States back together. So the Union Army was fighting for freedom...

What was the conferderacy?

The Confederacy was considered any number of southern states that broke away from the Union as a result of opposing the taxing or abolition of slaves for labor in The United States.

Two sides of the American Civil War?

The Confederacy - the eleven Southern slave-states that broke away The Union - The North, i.e. all the other states.

Was Texas ever a country?

Texas broke away from Mexico in 1836 and formed the Republic of Texas. It was its own country for nine years before joining the US.

What steps led to the out break of the civil war?

Some southern states succeeded away from the Union over the fact of slavery. 1 Southern states broke away from the Union 2 Confederate cannons bombarded Fort Sumter

Who divided the US in the civil war?

The Southern states which broke away to form the Confederate States of America, starting with South Carolina in December 1860 on the election of Lincoln.

What happend after Abraham Lincoln was elected president?

Soon after the votes were counted and Lincoln was announced as the winner, Southern states began to secede from the union. President Buchanan did nothing but made verbal protests. By the time Lincoln took office, seven states had seceded and formed their Confederacy. War broke out a month later.

What was the conflict over states' rights?

When the country was formed, most things were left to individual states. The federal government's purpose was national security, and upholding the law of the land. In the mid 19th century, the northern states were largely industrial while southern states were largely agrarian. The southern states had painted themselves into a corner, that is that their entire economy was based on slave labor. Calls for abolition from the north scared the pants off southerners as they visualized the economic destruction of the southern states. They then decided that under the U.S. Constitution, Amendment 10, that individual states had the right to decide the issue for themselves. The federal government did not agree. States in the south, beginning with South Carolina broke away from the U.S. claiming that states' rights superseded federal jurisdiction. Thus began the Civil War. It was a war not so much over slavery, but states' rights. The result was a fundamental redefining of the USA and federal power.

When Lincoln was elected in 1860 what was the result?

Some 11 slave states seceded from the United States and formed their own confederacy of state. Secession was not acceptable to the federal union and civil war broke out.

What is the day fourth of July known for in the US?

The fourth of July is known as Independence day in the United States. The United States broke free from the reign of the british that day and formed their own nation.