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What was the name of the ship that hid some Jews during the Holocaust?



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The question was basically concerning ships of Jewish refugess in WW2. A very real and important topic. Not what it has now become. There are several stories of different ships containing Jewish refugess from the Nazi's before, during and after the war. Some very famous ones include the well documented tribulations of several that were refused to land in the US, basically because the US didn't really want Jews either. Most of these people went on to die as they could find no safe harbor. Another, after the war, on a ship called Exodus could not land it's cargo of already displaced holocaust people in what was then Palestine (now Isreal), with similar results. There are several movies about several of these vessels, or more rightfully, the journey of their passengers. 1939 - After cruising by Miami Beach, rejected by U.S. and Cuban authorities, the St. Louis returned to Europe, where four countries -- Belgium, France, Netherlands and Britain -- agreed to take the refugees. When war swept the continent a few months later, almost half would eventually die in death camps and detention centers. Search for other examples will develop another famous incident a few years later, where US landing was refused, although some infants were allowed to be disboarded. The ship was then sent back out to sea, where a Nazi U-Boat was known to be on patrol. The sinking took the lives of all aboard.