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The question was basically concerning ships of Jewish refugess in WW2. A very real and important topic. Not what it has now become. There are several stories of different ships containing Jewish refugess from the Nazi's before, during and after the war. Some very famous ones include the well documented tribulations of several that were refused to land in the US, basically because the US didn't really want Jews either. Most of these people went on to die as they could find no safe harbor. Another, after the war, on a ship called Exodus could not land it's cargo of already displaced Holocaust people in what was then Palestine (now Isreal), with similar results. There are several movies about several of these vessels, or more rightfully, the journey of their passengers. 1939 - After cruising by Miami Beach, rejected by U.S. and Cuban authorities, the St. Louis returned to Europe, where four countries -- Belgium, France, Netherlands and Britain -- agreed to take the refugees. When war swept the continent a few months later, almost half would eventually die in death camps and detention centers. Search for other examples will develop another famous incident a few years later, where US landing was refused, although some infants were allowed to be disboarded. The ship was then sent back out to sea, where a Nazi U-Boat was known to be on patrol. The sinking took the lives of all aboard.

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Who bombed the 1945 German ship with holocaust victims aboard?

The were no Holocaust victims or survivors on board the Wilhelm Gustloff. The Nazis did not try to transport Jews to safety.

How did Jews get to shanghai during World War 2?

By ship

Jews came on ship to gain entry into US but were declined so what was name of ship?

HMS adolf Hitler

How did the Crusades effect the Jews politicaly?

the effect that the crusades had on the Jews were that they wouldn't have enough and all of them would die on the ship or during the trip.

What is the Name of the ship that lost the most American soldiers during attack?

The name of the ship was- Arizona

How did Americans contribute to the Holocaust?

Germans sent a ship full of German Jew to America and American coast guards ordered them to go back because we only do few to immigrate in our country. 98% of those Jews died in the holocaust.

What was the name of the ship sank by the Germans during World War 1?

a british ship called Lusitania

How did Jewish people come to Australia during the Holocaust?

They went to Australia before the outbreak of war in 1939. They had visas from the Australian government and travelled by ship.

How did the US government respond to Nazi persecution of the Jews during World War 2?

The world did nothing while people died. The United States even sent a ship of escaped Jews back to Europe and wouldn't let them off the ship in NY.

What was the name of the ship that sunk during the attack on pearl harbor?

The Arizona

How did Jews escape to US?

By ship or plane.

Name of John Paul Jones's ship that fought the Serapis?

The name of the ship that was commanded by John Paul Jones during his battle with the Serapis was the Bonhomme Richard. The ship was a rebuilt merchant ship that was given to America by Jacques-Donatien Le Ray.

What ship during the Holocaust did America refuse to help?

The St. Louis (often called SS St Louis). Please see the related question below for more detail.

Why was the holocaust important to Hitler?

It wasn't really "important" to him; he could have lived without it and whatever. At the time, some Germans hated the Jews for unkown reasons, possibly partially because of the Jews refusing to fight for Germany in World War One. During the rise of Nazi Germany, the country, many Germans came to despise Jews and believe they were evil. Originally Hitler planned to ship them out, but when that failed, he decided to kill them. Some people claim he was sadisitic and just wanted a group of people to attack for no reason and others claim he truly believed Jews were "evil".

Where did Hitler plan to ship all the Jews?


What was the name of the ship the Japanese surrendered on during World War 2?

U.S.S. Missoui

What was the British ship sunk by Germans during World War 1 name?


What was the name of Charles Darwin's ship that he sailed on during his most famous voyages?

The Beagle

What is the name of the ship that lost the most soldiers during World War 2?


What was the name of the ship that sank during the spanish-American war?

USS Maine

What did the pilgrams do during there journey?

During the voyage to America they subscribed to a covenant for self-government called Mayflower Compact (after the name of the ship).

Revolutionary Word starting with O?

Orinsky. It was a name of a ship or battle during the revolutionary war

What is The name of the ship that lost the most American soldiers during the bombing of pearl harbor?

The Arizona.

What was the name of the ship Darwin used to travel on during his 5 year trip?

He traveled on on the Beagle.

What was the name of the ship that attacked Bunker Hill?

This was the HMS Lively in June 1775 during the Siege of Boston.

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