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the United States of America or if you mean what the south called them selves thatd be the Confederate States of America

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Q: What was the new union in the south called?
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What was the South called after they seceded from the Union?

The Confederacy

What was the reintegration of the south into the union called?


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What state threatened to secede from the union when congress levied a new tariff that critics called the tariff of abominations?

South Carolina

Who was in the American Civil War battle?

the north and south. north was called the union and the south was called the confederacy

How did union victories at new Orleans and memphis affect the south?

The union recieved trading ports after their victory at New Orleans.

What was the name of the north and south in the civil war battle?

The Union Army. wasn't it the Union Arny?

In the civil war was th south called the union?


What is the battle between the union and the south called?

The Civil War

What is the union strategy to win the war by weakening the South was called?

It was Called The Anaconda Plan

What are the names of the civil war side?

The North was called the Union and the South was called the Confederacy.

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