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What was the nickname of General Thomas J Jackson?

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Who received a nickname at bull run in history?

General Thomas J. Jackson..He earned the nickname "Stonewall," when his brigade held back a Federal charge.

When Confederate general Thomas J Jackson stood firm against the Union he earned the nickname of?

Confederate general Thomas Jonathan Jackson earned the nickname "Stonewall" due to his staunch defense of Henry Hill while maintaining a calm demeanor at the first Battle of Bull Run.

Who was nickednamed stonewall?

General Thomas J Jackson.

Why did Stonewall Jackson get his nick name?

Confederate General Thomas J. Jackson became Lee's right-hand man in the war. At Bull Run, a Confederate General rallied his troops by pointing at Jackson and saying: "There stands Jackson like a stone wall. Rally behind the Virginians!"Thomas J. Jackson received the nickname "Stonewall" in the First battle of Manassas. 1861.

Who is none as stonewall?

The Confederate General J. Thomas Jackson was known as Stonewall.

Who got his nickname at the first Battle of Bull Run the civil war?

Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson was given his nickname during this battle.

Who was the head of the confederate forces in bull run?

General Thomas J. Jackson, also known as Stonewall Jackson.

The Confederate victory at Chancellorsville cost them the life of?

General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson

Was Andrew Jackson Union or Confederate?

Andrew Jackson died in 1845. Thomas J. Jackson, a.k.a. Stonewall, was a Confederate general.

When was Thomas J. Jackson born?

Thomas J. Jackson was born on January 21, 1824.

Who was a popular confederate general mistankenly shot by nc troops?

Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson

Who was Robert E Lee's best general?

Thomas J"Stonewall" Jackson, James Longstreet.

The union general earned his name by being a stubborn negotiator?

Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson

Civil war what is the leader nickname?

Thomas J. Jackson was called as 'Stonewall'. George H.Thomas was called 'The Rock of Chickamauga'.

What is Stonewall Jackson's Birth date?

General Thomas J. Jackson was born January 24, 1824.

Confederate who was Robert r lees right hand man?

General Thomas J (Stonewall) Jackson.

Where was stone wall Jackson from?

Confederate General Thomas J. "Stonewall" Jackson, was born in Clarksburg, West Virgina. He was brought up in Jackson Mill, West Virginia.

Who got his nickname at the battle of manses?

Thomas J. Jackson. He was nicknamed "Stonewall" after his troops refused to budge under withering Union attacks.

Why was Andrew Jackson nicknamed Stonewall?

He wasn't. The nickname Stonewall was given to Thomas J. Jackson, a Confederate general of the Civil War. When other Confederate units were retreating or being overrun by a Union assault, jackson's unit held firm, and they were compared to a stone wall.

What was Brigadier General Barnard Bee best known for at the First Battle of Bull Run?

He was the man that gave the nickname Stonewall to Thomas J. Jackson.He died before anyone could ask him if he was praising the man or condeming him.

What is Stonewall Jackson real name?

Thomas J. Jackson

What is general John J Pershing's nickname?

His nickname is Black Jack

Who was General Thomas J Jackson?

he fought along side captain kangaroo in the great cola wars of the 80's

When did Thomas J Jackson die?

In 1879

What is stonewall realname?

Thomas J. Jackson.

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