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To restore the Union, and retrieve the cotton revenues.

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To reunite the states and get the cotton revenues back.

Lincoln's primary goal at the start of the Civil War was that of restore the Union.

To gain official recognition as a sovereign nation. They could claim that they didn't want a war.

The official goal of the North at the beginning of the Civil War was to try adn preserve the Union. The Abolishment of Slavery was not intended. It happened to come about through the war. The main goal however of Abraham Lincoln at the beginning of the Civil War was to preserve the Union and bring it back together as painlessly as possible. Unfortunately he was assassinated before he could put his plans into affect during the post Civil War period.

At the beginning of the Civil War the northern goal was simply to restore the Union at all costs. Slavery became the main issue in the following years of the war but the goal at the start was to save the Union!

The major goal of the Confederacy was independence from the United States. The North, the US, had the main goal of ending the Southern rebellion and restoring the Confederate states back into the Union.

the goal was called the anaconda plan it was supposed to suffocate the Confederacy so they cant get they supplies and their goal was also to preserve thew union.

There are no minutes in a goal.

To liberate the Mississippi, isolate all Confederate units to the West of the river, and then head East to come to the aid of the Army of the Cumberland.

To keep slavery legal was their goal.

His main goal was to win the Civil War and maintain the federal union .

when the civil war began, what was the main goal of the union (the north)

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The major goal of civil rights movement of the 1960s was to end segregation based on race.

punishing the leaders of the confederacy

The South (confederacy)'s goal at the start of the civil war was actually not much, other than to secede from the United States. They didn't technically want to start a war, but the North (union) decided that they didn't want the South seceding and therefore declared "war". The south wanted to secede because the Union, aka the United States before the war, had passed anti-slavery laws and the South wanted to keep them.

President Lincoln's main goal was to reunite the union.

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SUCCEEDED - accomplished a goal, or followed in an official position

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