What was the original purpose of youth groups?

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I think there young and they could tell others about Jesus and Christianity for this get older they can tell a even newer generation and so on until Jesus come back and takes his believers in him to heaven for eternity.
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What are the origins of the Catholic World Youth Day?

Answer . While WYD is celebrated every year, it is held in Rome two of those years and then every third year somewhere else internationally.. Here is a short history of World Youth Day (WYD):. 1984 Rome, St Peter's Square, Palm Sunday 15 April + International youth meeting on the occasion of ( Full Answer )

What Was The Purpose Of The Hitler Youth?

The main purpose of the Hitler Youth was, as with much of Hitler's propaganda, to indoctrinate the German Youth with anti-Semitism and "pro-Hitlerism" (for lack of a better word). Hitler was all too aware that youth is the time when the mind is the most culpable and prone to molding. The Hitler You ( Full Answer )

Describe the nature and purpose of the Hitler Youth Movement?

I'm not to sure if this is completely correct but here is my answer :). During the years 1922-1945 a "Hitler Youth" movement was created, the nature and purpose of the "Hitler Youth movement" included many reasons such as it allowed Hitler popularity with young people because they were Germany's f ( Full Answer )

Would it be a copyright infringement if a youth dance group sells tickets for their original dance production of the Wizard of Oz to the public and uses Wizard of Oz as the name of their show?

It is quite possible to infringe one or more elements of the copyright-protected musical, motion picture, sound recordings, or book , " The Wizard of Oz ", by performing the work in public, or by printing anything (such as posters) using copyrighted drawings, designs or photographs without the nece ( Full Answer )

How can you flirt with a guy and he is in your youth group?

Talk to him, smile and be friendly like you would to any normal person. If there is mutual attraction, it will take it´s course.. Flirting is just using normal social skills to start a conversation with someone that you are attracted to. Ask questions about their day, their week, their hobbies, ( Full Answer )

What was the purpose of the National Youth Administration?

The National Youth Administration, part of the WPA, provided jobs for 2 million high school and college students. The WPA spent more than $11 billion and employed 8.5 million people by the time it was ended in 1943.

What is the original purpose of the Arlington House?

hahaha yes to eat pizza....,but the purpose of the Arlington house was to be a memorial to George Washington. Although Robert E. Lee was living there it was for a memorial to eat pizza

Where can you design a shirt for your youth group?

Either you can go to a artist/graphic designer and they will give you a design or if you have an artist in your youth group they could draw up a design that has a speacial meaning to the group. Then you can scan that image into photoshop and send it to company who does shirt printing.

Were the Hitler youth groups and nazi schools good for the German youth?

Educationally it wasn't good, Hitler's Youth took a lot of their energy and time away from their school work, the teachers often complained about this. Physically it improved them, the German Nazi's had a very strong philosophy that the true Aryan race had to be strong to be able to be good German m ( Full Answer )

What is a good youth group name?

That depends entirely on context and purpose. Usually the youth will respond best to being asked what they want as a group name.

Where was Hitler youths group based on?

They were to teach children that Hitler was good. They only told the children good things that Hitler did. (Not many) They didn't tell them anything bad that was going on was caused by him.

How do you start a Catholic deaf youths group?

Please distribute some fliers or make an announcement in the church. Certainly the friends or family members of the deaf will inform them.. Once you get enough response, you can announce weekly or monthly meetings. Assign activities to other members, have some recreational activities as well.. M ( Full Answer )

How many people are in a youth group?

Youth groups vary in size from only a few to hundreds of young people depending on the church. It depends on what kind of youth group you have in mind. But usually group means small number of people. Average 5-15 persons.

What is the purpose of youth section of the fair labor standard act?

When the law was first created in 1938, under President Roosevelt, it was one step in trying to address the issue of child labor (which was then not illegal, and was very common in some factories and mills, especially in the deep south). It was intended to protect the health and safety of youn ( Full Answer )

What is the original purpose of Sacagaweas journey?

Sacajawea's original purpose of her journey was because she could be the interpreter with the people of her hometown, Lemhi River Valley and get horses for Lewis and Clark with some other men. They got twelve horses.

What was the original purpose of al-qaeda?

I have been wondering this also, it seems to me that they were initially formed to help drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan but when and why they turned into a radical organization eludes me.. Anything I find research wise suggests they wanted to spread Islam worldwide and would do that by any mean ( Full Answer )

Why were the Nazi youth groups so important?

Hitler used German youth as a message to German soldiers and citizens it was a way for him to say if young people can do it anybody can. P.S look me up on facebook Trey Wallace

What was the original purpose of Tae Kwon Do?

Self Defense, national security, personal health and fitness, revival and preservation of ancient traditional Korean customs and traditions while boosting national pride in a native Martial Art and National Sport.

What were the names of the Hitler youth groups?

The four organisations were the German Young People (Deutsches Jungvolk), the Hitler Youth (Hitler Jugend), the League of Young Girls (Jungmadelbund) and the League of German Girls (Bund Deutscher Madel). Boys joined the German Young People from the age of 10 until they were 14 when they joined the ( Full Answer )

What was the original purpose of radio technology?

The original purpose of the technology that came to be called "wireless" first, and "radio" later, and eventually "wireless" again after another 100 years, was to check and confirm the theoretical work of James Clerk Maxwell, the English physicist who predicted the existence of electromagnetic wav ( Full Answer )

What was the original purpose of Georgia?

If you're referring to the state of Georgia (in the U.S.): When James Ogelthorpe founded the state of Georgia, he had intended it to be a place where criminals and debtors could start their life afresh. He intended to import silk worms and Mulberry trees so that they could flourish on a silk industr ( Full Answer )

What was the original purpose of the glow stick?

the original purpose of glow sticks was to just create light because At the time it was quite a remarkable achievement because either electrical mains or battery were the energy sources for most light producing devices. so when glow sticks were created; something that provides light without the use ( Full Answer )

Why was the Hitler's youth group so bad?

It taught young children that the discrimination of others is good, and that Hitler was doing the right thing. They were being told that some bad things were actually good, and to only trust Hitler, even above their parents.

Do you get brochures when you go to youth group or youth service?

Sometimes you do get brochures but sometimes you don't because I go to youth service and they don't mind. Well is because me friend brought me there. They said I can go every single time because they don't mind. All you do is that you sign in. For example, your name, address, school, birth date, and ( Full Answer )

What were the 2 youth group of the nazi party?

The Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth) was divided into two groups : Deutsches Jungvolk) (German Young Folk) and Bund Deutscher Mädel (BDM, the League of German Girls) .

What youth groups were there in the Nazi society?

There were four different types of Nazi youth groups. 1.Deutsches Jungvolk (young German folk): boys aged 10-14. 2.Jung Madel (young girls): girls aged 10-14. 3.Hitler Jugend (Hitler youth): boys aged 14-18. 4.Bund Deutscher Madel (League of German Maidens): girls aged 14-18.

What is the purpose of youth in church?

Young people have need of a saviour just as adults do. Things that we learn when we are young tend to stay with us our entire lives. On these principles it is wise to attend church while young.

What are duties of a church youth group president?

The duties of a church youth group president can include leading and attending meetings. They may also provide family support, oversee program planning, and be in charge of ministry outreach programs.

Who are the members of the group Youthful Praise?

JJ Hairston is the long time leader and director of the Choir group Youthful Praise. Other noted members are Shawn Brown. As there is a total of over 30 members it is difficult to find a list of a constant line up.