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While a few small fires are believed to have been started by the Janpanese fire balloons released in Japan and carried by the jet stream to the west cost of United States, they were largely unsucessful. Nevertheless, the US government clamped the lid on the story and refused to allow the media to report it. When they heard no news of the Fugo, the Japanese assumed they weren't reaching America and discontinued the project. It was not until late May 1945 that the story began to leak out after a woman and five children were killed near Bly, Oregon, on 5 May. They had discovered a downed balloon with a bomb still attached that exploded when disturbed. These six were the only fatalities on the US mainland to perish as a result of enemy attack during World War II. Luckily, these few isolated incidents remain the only aerial bombing attacks on the American mainland to this day.

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Q: What was the other attack on the US by the Japanese during World War 2 did a woman die besides Pearl Harbor?
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The attack on Pearl Harbor was an invasion, from the air, by the Japanese.

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There were no downed Japanese pilots that survived during the attack on Pearl Harbor.

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The Japanese ships were never in danger. They did lose a few midget submarines during the attack.

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Hirohito was emperor of Japan during WWII.

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the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor

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Pearl Harbor

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The site of the surprise Japanese attack .

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the Japanese hit the U.S.S Arizona leaving 1,200 dead

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