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In the Constitutional Convention (1787), this was called the New Jersey plan and was based on the existing representation under the Articles of Confederation.

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Q: What was the proposed plan of government that stated that each state large or small would have the same number or representatives in Congress so that all states would have equal power?
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What is the Plan that proposed that each state regardless of size would have the same number of representatives in congress?

The New Jersey Plan

what do the number associated with each state represent - in addition to electoral votes?

The number of senators and representatives the state has in congress

How is the number of electoral vote determined?

by the number of representatives and senators in that state

When did the number of Representatives in Congress last change?


Which was a characteristic of government purpose by the New Jersey plan?

There would be one house in Congress and every state would have the same number of representatives

Can the number of members in the house of representatives be changed by the president?

No. The number of the house of representatives can only be changed by a law enacted by congress.

What does the first article in the constitution say?

The first article of the U.S. Constitution establishes Congress, the legislative branch of the federal government. Congress consists of two houses, the Senate, in which each state has two senators regardless of population, and the House of Representatives, in which the number of representatives for each state depends on its population.

Total number in the house of reps?

The total number of Representatives in congress is 435

How do you choose the number or your representatives in congress?

The number of representatives is based on the population of the state, and goes up or down based on changes in population.

Can the number of representatives change?

The number of representatives is currently fixed at 435, even though the population continues to grow. Congress comprises the Senate and the House of Representatives.There are always two senators from each state in congress aka exactly 100 senators. And there are no representatives in Congress, only senators. The representatives are in the House of Representatives.

List the 4 states which have the most number of members in the house of Representatives to congress today?

The four states are; California, Texas, New York and Florida

Which house of Congress has its number of members determined by population?

House of Representatives