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What was the reason of the civil war?

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Short version is: Some states believed that the Federal Govt laws took a back seat to State laws. The Feds disagreed. One of the issues, but not the only one, was slavery. Many will argue the the South seceded because of Slavery and others say "States Rights". The truth as usual is somewhere in the middle.

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What was not a reason for the US Civil War?

A reason that is NOT for the Civil War is to get more land.

What was the northerners reason for war in the Civil War?

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What was the original reason for the North fighting the Civil War?

The original reason for the North to fight the Civil War was to prevent the South from seceding.

Who is responsible for the Civil War?

No one person is responsible for the Civil War. Although the reason why the Civil War started was because of slavery.

What was the reason for civil war in US?


What reason led to the civil war?


What did Lincoln say as the reason for the civil war?

Linclon said he emerged in the Civil War to unite the country again, his second reason was to slowly end slavery...

What was the nuimber one reason for the civil war?

The main cause of the civil war was a battle over states rights.

What is one reason that the Civil War was faught?

north didn't want slavery but the south did causing the civil war

What was the main duty at the end of the civil war?

The main reason for the Civil war was to bring the nation back together.

Was The Louisiana Purchase the biggest reason for the civil war?


Did slavery ended after the Civil War in America?

Yes, that was largely the reason for the war

What are the Civil War rights?

The American Civil War was about the attempted secession of certain states from the Union; if any rights were established by that war, it is the right of the US to prohibit any state from seceding. Do not confuse this with the issue of civil rights. Civil rights are rights to which people are morally and legally entitled by reason of being citizens, not by reason of the civil war.

What was the south's reason for fighting in the Civil War?

The Southern states (Confederates) fought the in civil war for their right to keep slaves.

Did the union win in the Civil War?

Yes the union did win the American Civil War. This is the reason we only have one America.

Why were threats of secession feared in the civil war?

Because the south seceded to form the union. That's the reason there was a civil war.

What was the main reason the US went into the Civil War?

the main reason was the slavery rights

What made the American revolution a Civil War?

Nothing. A civil war is a war fought by 2 factions to gain control of 1 government. The colonists wanted their own country and government. This is also the reason the American Civil War is NOT a civil war.

What was the biggest reason for the civil war?

The biggest reason for the civil war was ''popular sovreignty'' it basically meant states had the right to decide whether they wanted slavery or not. The south disagreed and wanted slavery everywhere making the issues even bigger starting the Civil War.

What is the reason for the US involvement in both the Korean War and the Vietnam War?

to stop a civil war from happenin

What was the first and main reason for the civil war?

The primary reason for the US Civil War was over state rights. It came to a head when the US Government wanted to take steps to abolish slavery.

What are all of the reasons for the Civil War?

There can be hundred of reasons of civil war. The most common reason is the community rights and party own interest.

Was the civil war fought over slavery?

Yes, that was the main reason.

What the north's main reason for fighting in the civil war?

to preserve the Union

What is the main reason for the english civil war of 1642?

The main reason for the English civil war of 1642 was a conflict between Charles I and Parliament over an Irish insurrection.

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