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ANSWER:Actually, there is the Eastern ORTHODOX Church and the Eastern Rite Catholic Church.The Eastern Orthodox Church is separated from (in "schism" with) The Catholic Church.The Eastern Catholic Church is a "Rite"/sect in full communion with the Catholic Church and the pope. The Roman Catholic Church is the Latin Rite. Both are part of The Catholic Church.The Eastern Orthodox Church is not, technically, part/in communion with the Catholic Church. They do not even refer to themselves as "Catholic" but rather "Orthodox."

The Orthodox Churches and the Catholic Church were once united. The Orthodox Churches separated from the Catholic Church over political and doctrinal differences.

The catholic church is sometimes considered the collection of churches that developed out of the Great Schism (namely, the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church). Although I have never heard someone use the term "catholic orthodox church," I would consider it to be referring to the Eastern Orthodox Christian religion.

There were two main churches: Roman Catholic and Orthodox. - UPDATE - Actually there were three main churches at the time, the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church and Oriental Orthodox Church. The Oriental Orthodox Church was the first church to break away from the Orthodox Church (Eastern Orthodox Church) in 451AD followed by the Roman Catholic Church in 1054AD.

The Eastern Orthodox church and the Roman Catholic church split in the Great Schism. The Church of England later split from the Roman Catholic church, but did not in any way align itself with the Eastern Orthodox church.

No, the Pope is the head of the Roman Catholic church. The Ecumenical Patriarch is the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

Constantinople. The Roman Catholic Church, in contrast, is in Rome. However, the eastern orthodox church is in Constantinople.

Both use the Old and New testaments; however, the Eastern Orthodox Church uses additional scripture the Catholic Church does not.

There are Eastern or Byzantine Rite Catholics but they are in full union with Rome as opposed to the Eastern Orthodox Churches which are not. There was a brief period in the 20th century, when a separate Orthodox Church broke away from the Eastern Orthodox Church in America and formed the America Orthodox Catholic Church. But it was yet another splinter of an already splintered Church. orthodox (small "O") means right belief, and thus is synonymous with Catholic. Now, there is also an Orthodox Catholic Church of America, also not in Communion with the Catholic Church. . You may read about the American Orthodox Catholic Church at the links below.

It did not change, as there was no Eastern Orthodox Church before 1054, that is the year that the Schism of the East became formalized and the Eastern Orthodox Church came into existence.

Roman Catholic AnswerIt was called the Schism of the East, when the Orthodox Church broke away from the Catholic Church.

It is when The Roman Catholic Church and The Eastern Orthodox Church had The Great Schism, in which The Roman Catholic Church broke off The Orthodox Church.

The Great Schism was between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church (or Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox).

Anyone other than Eastern Orthodox eg Oriental Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant

The Eastern Orthodox Church was established at the Great Schism in 1054. This divided Christendom into two halves, with the East becoming Eastern Orthodox and the West Roman Catholic.

There is an Orthodox Church and a Catholic Church. There is no Catholic Orthodox Church.

Roman Catholic AnswerThe Catholic Church is sometimes known as the Western Church to distinguish it from the Eastern Orthodox Church.

It is called the Orthodox Catholic Church, also known as the Eastern Orthodox or Greek Orthodox Church. It is not however affiliated with Rome or the Roman Catholic Church. They are 2 separate, but similar religions. They believe God is the ultimate head of the Church and recognize no Pope.

Roman Catholic AnswerThe first major split form the Church that has lasted until today was the Eastern Church which was centered in Constantinople, which is the country of modern day Turkey. .Catholic Answer:The Orthodox, who split from The Catholic Church in 1054 because they rejected Papal Supremacy, the Filioque, and a few other political reasons. As noted above, this was in what is now modern day Turkey.The Assyrian Church of the East separated from the other Catholic/Orthodox churches at the Council of Ephesus in 431 AD.Other groups had separated from the Catholic/Orthodox church prior to this, but have long since disappeared.Well, the people that are now called Eastern Orthodox were the first ones to break away from the church. That would be Greece.

As it is today, the Orthodox Church was established in 1054 at the Great Schism, when East and West separated and formed the Eastern Orthodox faith and the Roman Catholic faith, thereby dividing Christendom into two.

The Pope, the head of the Roman Catholic church.

No, the Orthodox Church only allows its members to be godparents in other Eastern Orthodox Churches.

The Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox Church.

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