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American colonists did not think that they were being treated fairly by Great Britain.

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Q: What was the reason the colonists declared their independence from great Britain?
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What was the main reason that colonist declared their independence from great Britain?

American colonists did not think that they were being treated fairly by Great Britain.

The Declaration of Independence declared Americans free from British rule what is a reason why the Americans declared independence?

The colonists were forced to pay many taxes without agreeing to them

Identified the reasons the colonists saw for independence from Britain?

The legislature that was formulated in Jamestown identified the reasons the colonists saw for independence from Britain. The high taxes were the main reason they wanted to cut ties with the English government.

Why did the thirteen colonies declared war on Great Britain?

for Independence because Great Britain was taxing the colonies for no reason and was was putting laws down not needed!

What should you declare independence from?

Well in the past, countries, including the United States, have declared Independence from dominating countries who have not allowed for freedom. The United States declared Independence from Britain in order to follow its own ideas other then the thoughts of the King. That sounds like a pretty good reason to declare independence.

Who declared war on Great Britain?

The colonists of the British Thirteen Colonies declared war on Great Britain in the act of their decleration of Independence. When the decleration was made on the 4th July 1776 and rebelled against Great Britain. This means that the United States actually declared war on Great Britain, not the other way around. The above is not really true. Neither the colonists nor the British government ever formally declared war on each other- the war just sort of "happened". The Declaration of Independence was not a declaration of war, it was a justification for the war that they were already fighting and for seeking independence from Britain. The war started in April 1775, and the Declaration was ratified in July 1776- over a year later. The British saw the war as a rebellion against their rule, so if they had issued a formal declaration of war, it would've been a tacit admission that the Colonies were not part of their country (you don't declare war on yourself)- this is the same reason why the North did not declare war on the South during the Civil War almost a century later. The Colonists, on the other hand, had no reason to- they were already fighting, so issuing a declaration would've been a total waste of time. However, other countries did join up and formally declare war on Great Britain or vice versa. In 1778, France made an alliance with the Colonies, and when they informed Britain of it, Britain declared war on them. The next year, Spain allied with France and declared war on Britain. The Dutch also joined the war, but I can't remember who declared war on who in that instance.

What was the main reason the colonists were angry with Britain?

Becaues of the taxes

Which colonist did not consider unfair taxes as a good reason for rebellion?

There were many colonists who didn't think taxes were a good reason for American independence, some were relatives of famous Patriots.The colonists who still remained loyal to Britain, even after the taxes, are called Loyalists.

For what specific reason did the colonists fight the British?

The colonists in British America felt that they were being ill-used by Britain, and that their rights to self-government and free trade were being usurped. The proponents of independence had many causes to be upset with King George III, as enumerated in the Declaration of Independence.

Were the colonists justified in declaring their independence?

American colonists justified in fighting a war to break away from Britain. One reason American colonists justified in fighting a war to break away from Britain was because Americans didn't want to pay high taxes. The fight for the Ohio River Valley lead to the American Revolution.

Why did the US declared war on Great Britain in 1812?

for many reason

What is one reason the patriot colonists wanted freedom from Britain?

One reason that the Patriot colonists wanted freedom from Britain was so that they could have religious freedom. They want to worship in their own way.

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