What was the relation between water and economic growth in California?

California is a semi-desert. The old saying is still true; "water flows towards money".

California doesn't have a summer or a winter; we have a dry season and a rainy season. Without the interference of man, California would flood in the spring and dry out in the summer and fall. We've built a number of dams and reservoirs in the mountain rivers, which cuts down on the spring flooding, and also gives us enough water to survive for the rest of the year.

California would be an agricultural paradise if we had enough water. Rice grows around Sacramento, lettuce and salad vegetables around Salinas, oranges in the south, almonds and pistachios in the central valley, wine grapes in Napa or near Paso Robles. But in a drought year like 2014, there isn't enough water to irrigate even a quarter of the land, which causes unemployment among the farm workers, higher prices to vegetables, and poorer wine grape yields.