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Mr. van Dann was a business associate of Mr. Frank, and the family lived close together in Amsterdam - they visited frequently. They were "friends", simply put.

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Q: What was the relationship between the frank family and the van daans family?
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What family was with Anne Frank in the annex?

the family that the frank's were with in the annex was the van Daans.

Who did Anne Frank go into hiding with?

Her family, the Van Daans family, and Mr. Kraler, a dentist friend of her father.

Why did anne frank meet peter?

When Anne's family meets the Van Daans at the hiding place she met Peter.

When was Anne Frank sent to camp?

In 1944 with her sister Margrot Frank and the rest of her family. her father, mother, sister, the van Daans and Albert Dussel

Who did the Frank family share the annex with?

They shared with the "van Daans" van Pels (Hermann, Auguste, and Peter) and Fritz Pfeffer (Albert Dussel).

Who had an office below the secret annex in anne frank?

The Van Daans

What event made Mrs Frank threaten to put the Van Daans out on the street?

The Van Daans were stealing food for Mr. Van Daan.

Who were sent to the concentration camps during the Nazi rule in Germany?

anne frank, margot frank, Edith frank, dussel, the van daans

What happened in Anne Frank's annex?

Anne Frank had a relationship with a boy who also lived there, Peter Van Daan. There was alot of arguments in the secret annex with the two families living there, the Franks and the Van Daans and Fritz Pfeffer, know as Mr.Dussel

In the Diary of Anne Frank what was the nickname of Mr and Mrs Van Daan?

In the diary, she calls the Van Pels the Van Daans. If that is, in fact, the nickname you mean. Sorry if it's not. I just read the diary in my reading class and it specifically says that in her diary they are called the Van Daans but it's really the Van Pels family.

Why did Mr Frank invite the Van Daans to share the hiding place with them?

Because he wanted to protect the Jews from the Nazi's.

What was the nature of the relationship between John Hancock and his servant Frank?

The nature of the relationship between John Hancock and his servant, Frank is unknown. However, the closeness of Frank's grave to Hancock's indicates a close relationship. Oddly, there is no surname on the tombstone, This could have been because Frank was a slave, who were usually only identified by their first name.

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