What was the result of faraizi movement?

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Why was the movement which Haji Shariatullah started named as Faraizi Movement?

because in that movement his followers were urged to first consider n act upon all the faraiz of Islam n then adopt other nafli acts n awl hence faraizi from farz

What has the author Muhammad Ahsanullah Faisal written?

Muhammad Ahsanullah Faisal has written: 'Haji Shariatullah's Faraizi movement'

Who was dadu mian?

born in 1819son of haji shariat ullahcarried out movement started by his father "the faraizi movement" in bengalit was against the tyranny of landlords

The Farazi Movement of Bengal led by Dadu Mian?

He was son of Haji Shariat ullah! his real name was mohsin-ud-din! carried out his father's work.(the faraizi movement)

Why did Haji Shariatullah started Faraizi Movement?

The Muslims were getting away from Islam. He believed that by following the five obligations of Islam , it can be restored to its original purity.

What is faraizi tehreek?

The first half of the 19th century witnessed a movement known as Faraizi Movement in East Bengal. The founder of this movement was Haji Shariatullah. At this time the condition of the Bengali Muslims in the Sub-continent was very miserable. The British policy of distrust and oppression towards the Muslims rendered them economically and educationally crippled; and the oppression of the Zamindars made their lives unbearable. Haji Shariatullah went to Mecca on the Pilgrimage. He returned to his country after 20 years and started his reform movement known as the Faraizi movement. His movement basically targeted the most depressed class of the Muslims. He asked them to give up un-Islamic customs and practices and to act upon the commandments of the religion called Faraiz or duties. Hence his followers came to be known as Faraizi. He forbade Tazia on the occasion of Muharram and singing and dancing at the time of wedding ceremonies. His movement was also directed against the oppression of the Zamindars. He declared the country Dar-ul-Harab, as Eid and Friday prayers could not be offered there. The movement infused new life into the lives of the Muslims of Bengal. It wrought great agitation among them, especially the peasants who were imbued with his doctrines. Thus, he sowed the seeds of independence in Bengal. He died in 1840.

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It strengthened the national movement

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What did not result from the civil rights movement

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