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the role was big because it affected how the government worked

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Q: What was the role of religion in colonial North Carolina?
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What was the role of religious development in North Carolina?

Oppression hate, division and discrimination are what role the christian religion played in North Carolina. Check out the religious test required in the constitutions of both North and South Carolina. Amerika has been screwed up every since.

What role did religion play in North Carolina?

this is not my job to do this, so I may not be right. The answer is... All, except Roman Cathlic

What role did religion have in South Carolina colony?


In latin America the emphasis on the role of the military and the strength of the roman catholic religion have there origins in?

Spainish colonial rule

What was the the main role of the virginians who founded North Carolina?

because they felt like it.

What role did North Carolina play in the American revolution?

NC fought for independence from England

What was the Daily life like in colonial massachusetts?

Many residents of colonial Massachusetts were Puritans. They followed a strict code of conduct, and religion played a central role in their lives.

How did geography play a role in the settlement of the north carolina colony?

Geography played a major role in the settlement of the North Carolina colony. The settlers choose the colony due to the land features which promoted growth of various cash crops.

What role did the religion play in education during the colonial period?

During the Colonial Period in America's history, religion played an essential role. Religion informed every aspect of the colonists' lives, from birth to death and presumably beyond. Religion also provided the main reason for many of the colonists' presence in the New World, as many had arrived just so that they could practice their religious faith freely.

What was the men's role in the colonial period of South Carolina?

Men during colonial times worked hard to support their often large families. They worked farms, ran shops, and worked in the family business.

What role did relirion play in colonial Delaware?

Delaware was never its own colony officially. It was part of the Province of Pennsylvania, where the Quaker religion was prominent.

What role did the environment in the culture of the Native American groups in North America?

Their religion was based on nature.