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The significance of rationing was to save food. The food that was saved was sent to the soldiers fighting in World War 2

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What is the historical significance of rationing?

Your a idiot for asking this question.

What are rationing cards?

Cards for rationing.

Where did rationing happen?

Rationing happpend in Britain

Where can you find information about World War 2 rationing?

To find information on rationing you can go to www.worldwar2.org.uk/rationing/89687/homework/school.htm To find information on rationing you can go to www.worldwar2.org.uk/rationing/89687/homework/school.htm To find information on rationing you can go to www.worldwar2.org.uk/rationing/89687/homework/school.htm

What is food rationing?

What is food rationing, and victory gardens?

Did rationing affect children?

Rationing affected everyone.

What are some example sentences using the word rationing?

Rationing was done during World War II.We are rationing the chocolate during our diet.

Was there rationing during the Korean war?

No, there was no rationing in korean war

When did clothes rationing start?

Clothes Rationing started 2 years after food rationing! And it ended on 15 March 1949.

When did rationing start world war 2?

when did rationing start in WW2?

Why was rationing called rationing?

because they couldn't go out and by it becauseof the bomb

How do prices act as a rationing device?

prices can not act as rationing device

How long did rationing last?

In Britain rationing lasted 14 years. From 1940 to 1954. In Western Germany rationing lasted 15 years.

What is a sentence with rationing?

We're rationing our party supplies, this week.

Was there ever Food Rationing in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland during World War 2 and after?

There was rationing in both jurisdictions. Rationing in the Republic was less severe however and ended before rationing in the North ended.

When did rationing start in WW2?

Food rationing began in 1939 then ended in 1954

When did sweet rationing end?

Sweet rationing was ended in either 1952 or 1953

Why was rationing necessary in the war?

Rationing was necessary because there was a lack of food and cloths

What was rationed after World War 2 but not during World War 2?

Rationing continued on many items until 1954.•1948- The end of rationing begins. It is another 5 years before rationing of all products is stopped.•25 July 1948 - end of flour rationing•15 March 1949 - end of clothes rationing•19 May 1950 - rationing ended for canned and dried fruit, chocolate biscuits, treacle, syrup, jellies and mincemeat.•September 1950 - rationing ended for soap•3 October 1952 - Tea rationing ended•February 1953 - Sweet and sugar rationing ends•4 July 1954 - Food rationing ends

Why did rationing end?

In any sane society rationing is only used during a emergency.

Why did rationing happen in WW2?

Rationing happened in both World war one & two

In a free competitive market what is the rationing mechanism?

Price is the rationing mechanism. Whoever can afford it, will by it.

Use the word rationing in a sentence?

During the war, people endured food-rationing.

Why did the rationing stopped?

Rationing stopped because the war was over and there wasn't a shortage of food anymore.

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