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What was the social system of Africa during colonization?

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What was the social system of Nigeria like before colonization?

they have lack of rich people

The encomienda system in Latin America was a result of?

Colonization and conquest by Spanish conquistadors during the Age of Exploration.

What is encomendro?

Encomendro or encomienda was a legal system. This was used by Spanish crown during the Spanish colonization of the Americas.

What type of social system did Venice have during the renaissance?


What was the encomieda system?

The goal of the encomienda system is to regulate the Native Americans and to give rewards to individual Spaniards in exchange for their services to the crown. The system was used during the Spanish colonization of the Americas.

What was the most common government system in Africa during the 1970s?


What is Africa's social class?

Difficult to answer. Firstly Africa is a continent with 54 odd countries, each of these has different social structures; in some there is a distrinctive social class system, in others there are not

What is the difference between colonization and apartheid?

Difference between colonization and apartheid Many. One difference was large European (predominantly Dutch) settlement in Africa and building clear (legal) infrastructure and set of institutions to segregate the native African population, starting with physical segregation and ending with social and family, education and employment opportunities. With the exception of the Americas and Australia, the scale of European settlement and development of a legal system to support the population segregation in South Africa was unprecedented. Please improve the answer by further research (NA.TJ)

Why was the encomienda system originally created?

The encomienda system was originally created by the Spanish. It was put in place so that they were able to regulate and control the American Indian behavior and labor during the colonization of Americas.

Was the caste system in India during the postclassical era fundamentally a rigid social system or a flexible one?

rigid social society! you couldn't even talk to someone out of your "ranking"

How did the social system in the south differ from the social system in New England?

How did the social system in the south differ from the social system in new england?

Which religious system can now be found in Asian nations as a direct result of European colonization?

Christianity came to Asian countries by way of European colonization.

America's rule and democratization of the Filipino rule?

The American did rule the Philippines for 300 years. During the colonization period the Americans used their system of governance that was later adopted by the Filipinos.

Why did Africa have slaves?

Because the slavery practice was a part of the African culture, a part of the African Continent's social fabric and an element of the economic system long before any European saw Africa.

What was the social condition of Nepal like during medieval period?

The lichchhavi society was based on caste system.

What is social system?

Social System(EDUCATION) - it is an orgnization establish which focuses on the social recreation or social stability. Source: My teacher.

What is the limitation of social system approach?

what is the limitation of social system approach

What type of economic system does Africa have?

Africa does not have an economic system of its own. Africa is a CONTINENT, not a country. It is composed of 53 nations.

What are Impacts of colonization in Africa?

The Europeans left a racialized, tribalised Africa. This was due to their "divide and rule" political system. African were pushed into rural, interior areas and could not move out of these areas. In addition, their movements out of the reserves were controlled through the Kipande system. The result was the rise of ethnic identities. We can thus argue that the colonial indirect rule was itself ethnic; it was ethnicity in itself.

How do you get my remmittance in social security system?

yes I was participated in the social security system

Why was nelson Mandela so famous?

Nelson Mandela served as President of South Africa. However, he is primarily famous for his work as an anti-apartheid revolutionary and his work in changing the social system of apartheid in South Africa.

How are the social class system and the caste system of India similar and different?

cast system is buy birth social class system is monitary in social class you can move up cast you can not

What is the relationships of society and social system?

Society is combination of people and social system is the system that holds those people.

Does South Africa use the decimal system?

Yes, South Africa does use the decimal system

When was Spartas social system created?

spartas social system was created in 783 b.c.