What was the status of black Americans in the 1960s?

There was considerable progress in the search for improved civil rights during the 1950s and 1960s. In education, landmark cases such and the Brown v. Board of education of Topeka, Little Rock High School and James Meredith did remove segregation but there was often unwillingness on the part of many states to embrace the changes. There was progress in desegregating transport after the Montgomery bus boycott and the freedom rides. However no new laws were introduced to outlaw racial discrimination until the mid-1960s and many politicians and ordinary US citizens remained opposed to radical change.

During the 1960s Martin Luther King put the issue of civil rights are the forefront of US domestic politics and the demonstrations of 1963 meant that resisting change could no longer be justified. After 1963, there were several pieces of legislation which aimed to ensure equality for black Americans.