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The strategy changed from time to time, thus costing the Germans their most likely opportunities for success in seizing the city. The original Barbarosa plan had Leningrad as the prime objective and many military leaders were in support of that plan (obviously). The reason being that Leningrad was the symbolic birthplace of Soviet communism in 1917. It was also the second largest city in the USSR and a major industrial center (about 10% of Soviet industry was in the greater area). About as important as all of these issues was that its capture would secure two important German objectives. One was that it would eliminate Soviet naval presence in the Baltic, allowing Germany to supply its forces in the north and center much easier, without trouble from partisans, at the same time relieving somewhat the strain on the rail system. Second, it would give direct land access to Finland, an important Axis ally. The loss of Leningrad by the Russians might even lead them to abandon Murmansk and the Petsamo nickle mines, since supplying those areas would be almost impossible. However, due to success in the center the German plan changed and most generals wanted to go towards Moscow, a much more important city for population, transportation, industry and command than Leningrad. In fact, it is likely that that fall of Moscow would lead directly to the fall of Leningrad since the city could not be supplied, even tenuously, once the rail system to Moscow was cut. In the event, Hitler overrode both plans and went for Kiev/Ukraine. Leningrad thus became a secondary target for the rest of the war. This change in strategy meant that Leningrad in 1941, since it did not fall easily, was to be blockaded. This was accomplished by the German forces in the fall of 1941 leading to the starvation of well over a million in the city over the next year or so. For 1942 it was originally planned by the Germans to attack the city again, but this was called off last minute and the forces so accumulated were sent to Stalingrad. Thus, after the initial battles of 1941, Leningrad became a relatively quiet front for the Germans. The Soviet citizens in the city were either evacutated over time, or succumbed to starvation/disease. As such by early 1943 the city was one big military base for the Soviets with well over 500,000 hardened troops dug in. Germany had lost all opportunity to seize the city by this point and the troops involved in the blockade were just waiting for the Soviets to attack. In 1944 the already weakened German blockade was broken and civilians started coming back into the city.

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Q: What was the strategy for the Germans at Leningrad?
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What city was surrounded by the Germans for 900 days?


When did the Germans take over Leningrad?

they started in 1941 and ended in 1944 . :(

What country defeated Germans in Stalingrad?

Stalingrad was a Russian city (Leningrad) so the Russians defeatedd the Germans of course.

What happened in Leningrad?

Leningrad is a Russian City. What happened was it was heavily sieged by the Germans in the second World War. It is believed that the siege killed 632,000 people.

What happen in Leningrad?

Leningrad is a Russian City. What happened was it was heavily sieged by the Germans in the second World War. It is believed that the siege killed 632,000 people.

Why were the Soviets burning their factories and homes and fields during Operation Barbarossa?

The Soviet Union started burning their factories, homes and fields because, Stalin ordered it to cities which were going to be occupied by the Nazi Germans. This can be proved at Leningrad, before the 871 day siege of Leningrad, some factories were destroyed because they thought at the time the Germans would of get to Leningrad. Leningrad was one of Germany's 5 main goals because, Leningrad had a main factory of which it produced T-28s and T-34s.

How many Germans were captured in the battle of Leningrad?

Overall three million German prisoners of war were captured by soviet union but not sure about exact number of soldiers captured in battle of Leningrad.

What did georgy zhukov do?

only stopped the germans from invading Moscow, leningrad, stalingrad and captured berlin in WWII

Which direction did germany attack leningrad?

The Siege of Leningrad had its regions surrounded on all sides by the Finns and Germans. The Finns were in the northeastern sectors with the German Army Group North sieging the city from the South.

Who did The germans set up three army groups aimed toward?

The Russian cities of Moscow, Leningrad and Stalingrad .

What caused many of the people living in Leningrad to move away between 1941 and 1944?

The Germans attacked the city relentlessly.

Germans set up three army groups aimed toward?

All of the answers are correct. Moscow, Leningrad, & Stalingrad

Where was the German invasion of the Soviet Union was stopped at?

The Germans' greatest defeat was at Stalingrad, and this changed the course of the war in Russia. The siege of Leningrad (as St Petersburg was then known) also resulted in defeat for the Germans, but if the latter had won the battle for Stalingrad they would also eventually have taken Leningrad, and then would have overrun the Soviet Union.

What was the strategy for the invasion of France at Normandy?

hit the Germans where they did not expect.........................

Did the Germans take Leningrad?

No. The city successfully withstood the longest siege in modern history, from 1941-44. Obviously, conditions in the city were horrific.

Did the Soviets use a scorched earth strategy to help defeat the Germans?


What successful strategy did roosevelt and churchill use in the invasion of Sicily?

Isolate the Germans

What was the strategy for containment in World War 2?

If you mean by 'what was the Allies strategy to beat Germany'? Their strategy was to push Germany to the center (Berlin) where the Allies can close in on the Germans and wipe them out. Hope this helped!

Why was the Battle of Leningrad fought?

Leningrad being a strong symbol of soviet power (the city was named after Lenin) the Germans wanted to take the city to deal a blow to the Russian/Soviet morale and Stalin refused to let go of the city thus resulting in a bloody battle

How did Germany plan the Siege of Leningrad and how were they unable to successfully conquer it despite it lasting for nearly 900 days?

The Germans and the Finns were unable to close the ring besieging Leningrad because of Lake Ladoga which , when frozen , became the "Road of Life" allowing supplies to enter into the city .

What strategy did the Russian use to slow the Germans?

using their shables as their hidding place and snippers

What strategy did the Germans employ to break the British blockade of germany?

Unrestricted submarine warfare.

What was the lightning war strategy used by the Germans?

it was called blitzkrieg, which literally means lightning.

How was the Battle of Leningrad fought?

the battle of Leningrad was a siege also called the blockade of Leningrad which lasted in around 3-4 years,the Germans and some finish troops had surrounded the city and the siege is one of the longest sieges in the history more than 1 million people died of starvation during the siege and is also one of the most destructive sieges in the history

How far did the Nazis get into the USSR during World War 2?

The Nazi Germans went from Leningrad to Stalingrad and Kiev in Operation Barbarossa. See link below.