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Q: What was the waging war against the US or were they giving aid and comfort to enimes of the US?
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Waging war against the US or giving aid or comfort to the US?


Waging war against the US or giving aid and comfort to enemies of the US?


What was Metacoms goal in waging war against settlers?

To win i.

What was metacom goal in waging war against the settlers?

to live in peacefully with the English

In the war of 1812 the US as waging war against which country?

Great Britain

Effects during the Vietnam war and Iraq war?

The US was waging war against the nation of NORTH VIETNAM. The US is "not" waging war against the country of Iraq. The US is trying to establish law, order, and stability to the region.

Who did the declaration of independence claim the king was waging war against?

The Declaration of Independence claimed that the King was waging a war against the colonists. They felt this was displayed in the unfair taxation that they were being ordered to pay and the lack of representation that they had in Parliament to voice their concerns.

What does he abdicated government here by declaring us out of his protection and waging war against us mean?

abandoned colonists and declared war against them...that is what this mean

Metacom's goal is waging war against the settlers?

To have intertribal unity in order for the Indians to resist English encroachment.

What three problems did the US Government face in waging the war against England?

not helpful but funny

When was Waging a Living created?

Waging a Living was created in 2005.

Where did former Nazi leaders face charges of waging a war of aggression and committing crimes against humanity?

Nuremberg Trails