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the meltdown of the chrenobyle(i know that isn't spelled right) nuclear power plant. the area is still uninhabitable and highly radioactive

This answer is just silly:

1) Genocide in China (1948-1976)

2) Genocide in the Soviet Union

3) Genocide in Cambodia

4) Holocaust

Just these four make Chernobyl look like a sunny day in the park.

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Q: What was the worst human caused disaster?
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Is ozone depletion a natural disaster?

A nairtual disaster is caused by nature. Thinning of the ozone layer is caused by human production and release of chlorinated hydrocarbons. SO thinning of the ozone layer is a human caused disaster.

What caused Japan's recent 8.9 magnitude?

An earthquake and the tsunami. It was the 5th worst earthquake in the world. The worst disaster for Japan.

What natural disaster is the worst natural disaster?

cyclones are the most worst natural disaster

What is the worst disaster of the 20th century?

what was the worst volcano disaster in the 20th century

Is famine a human made disaster?

Possibly. It can be caused by overpopulation and mismanagement of agriculture.

What was the worst natural disaster in Australia?

The Cyclone Mahira in 1899 was the worst natural disaster in Australia.

Difference between manmade disasters and natural disasters?

The difference between a natural disaster and a manmade disaster is that a human caused the disaster and a natural disaster is caused by nature. For example a tornado is a natural disaster because nature was behind it but for instance bombing was done by arsonists which are humans so that is classified as a man made disaster.

What is the worst disaster in Chicago history?

eastland disaster

What was the worst natural disaster in Greece?

December 856 .was the worst natural disaster in greece

Why Bhopal gas tragedy is known as man made disaster?

The Bhopal gas tragedy is known as a man made disaster. It is because the disaster was caused due to human mishandling.

What is the worst natural disaster?

Earthquake is the worst

What is the worst disaster that has happened?

The Worst Disaster is the volcano erupting in popei the volcano is really strong and it destroyed the whole city

The Chernobil Disaster was cause by what?

An explosion and subsequent fire caused the Chernobyl Disaster back in 1986. It's often considered one of the worst incidents involving a nuclear power plant in history.

Which gas caused Bhopal gas disaster 1984?

The Bhopal gas disaster was due to human mishandling. This mistake took the life of 8000 plus people.

What was the worst disaster ever?


What was the worst disaster in the world?

It depends. The worst disaster can be anything. Like if someone you love dies or your house burns down. It's an opinion.

What is the worst natural disaster to hit Australia?

Disaster: Cyclone Mahina Location: Queensland, Cape York Deaths: more than 400 Date: 1899 Cyclone Mahina caused the greatest death toll of any natural disaster in Australia's recorded history.

How is tsunami effected to human beings?

It is a natural disaster caused by the shifting of plates and earthquakes. It cause destruction and havoc.

Was the Hurricane Katrina the worst disaster?

Hurricane Katrina was the costliest U.S. natural disaster, and one of the deadliest. So it ranks as one of the worst U.S. disasters, but probably not the worst.

Where is the Site of the world's worst nuclear disaster?

The world's worst known nuclear disaster was at Chernobyl, in the Ukraine. The Chernobyl Disaster, as it is called, happened on April 26, 1986. There is a link to a Wikipedia article on this below.

What determines a non-natural disaster from a natural disaster?

A non-natural disaster is caused by human activity and is often the result of carelessness or under-caution (e.g. traffic accidents, pandemic, terrorist attack), whereas a natural disaster is when a force of nature becomes extreme and causes destruction to a human community (e.g. earthquake, tsunami, cyclone.)

What is natural disaster weather?

it is a natural disaster caused by the weather

Worlds worst natural disaster?


What is a worst nuclear disaster in history?


What actors and actresses appeared in Spain's Worst Rail Disaster - 2013?

The cast of Spains Worst Rail Disaster - 2013 includes: Sean Pertwee as Narrator