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5000,000 people died in WW2 and familes farthers died in war Yes alot of things- -Unified Germany -Improved medicine and all our knowledge about it. -Hitler was a bad guy that got a bad rap...he actually killed he is so evil!!!! just because he let it happen...nobody else did this so why did he because he was public about it and did it to people not of his country....America didnt do it....just Hilter

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The Holocaust 6 Million Jews Murdered plus 6 million others by the Nazis Stalin murdering his own people roughly 70 million lives lost. I say all these things combined add up to the answer you are looking for.

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I would imagine being a child in Hiroshima or Nagasaki is up there. WWII was one of the most violent episodes in world history ever. Technology allowed for entire cities to be wiped out in a single swoop, thousands of soldiers to be gunned down within a few seconds, and generations of families to be eradicated with zero memory of them ever existing.

The worst thing about being a child in WWII was probably, simply being a child.

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Q: What was the worst thing about being a child in World War 2?
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