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From all I have heard and read - there was no other country in Europe so utterly convinced of its own invincibility. Despite the unexpected danger that Britain faced in the second half of 1940 only a handful of pessimists ever seriously thought that Germany could invade. Fortunately, this confidence wasn't ill founded. Though one can point to blunders in the 1930s, Britain had rearmed just about sufficiently in those areas that mattered most. The nation was solidly united from May 1940 onwards and prepared to make immense sacrifices. Of course, there was a huge difference between successful defense and the much harder task of bringing the Third Reich down, but it was a start.

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Q: What was unique about Great Britain in World War 2?
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What war is Great Britain World War I or World War 2?

Great Britain, or more correctly The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, was involved in both World War 1 and World War 2.

What lands did Great Britain lose after World War I?

Great Britain was on the winning side in World War 1 and lost no land.

What lesson Britain learn after the Great Britain war?

world war 1

What country was controlled by Great Britain at the beginning of World War I?

There were many countries that were controlled by Great Britain at the beginning of World War 1.

Why Great Britain was involved in World War 2?

Great Britain was the U.s. allies.

What was the population of great Britain in World War 2?


What nations sided in war with Great Britain in world war 1?

France, Italy and russia were sided with Great Britain in WW1

What were great Britain's victories in World War 2?

The whole war

Who were the Generals for Great Britain during World War 2?

the general for great Britain was churchill. by Henri

What was the name of the Great Britain's government during World War 2?

Britain had a coalition government during World War 2

Who entered World War 2 first the us or great Britain?


Who was the leader from Great Britain in World War 2?

Winston Churchill was Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1940 until the end of the war.

When and why did Great Britain enter World War 2?

Great Britain declared war on Germany in September 1939 after Germany invaded Poland.

What Britain thought of World War 1?

Britain thought so much of World War I that they call it "The Great War". And there has not been a better war since. But since the great war was really a war about nothing, it really was a shabby endeavor.

How was Great Britain after World War 1?


When did Great Britain enter World War I?

Great Britain entered World War 1 on the 4th August 1914, by the 12th August 1914 France and Britain had declared War on Austro-Hungary.Britain entered World War I because Germany invaded Belgium to get into France easier. Britain basically said "Belgium is our ally, and if you invade them we will declare war on you".

What alliance fought Great Britain and the US in the world war 2?

World war 2 was of two alliances. The Axis, and the Allies. Great Britain and U.S.A were on the Allies side.

How did the US help Great Britain in World War 1?

The U.S. shipped war goods and other supplies to Great Britain, therefore getting pulled into the war.

Who lead Britain at the start of World War 2?

Clement Atlee was the Prime Minister of Great Britain at the start of World War 2.

What side did Great Britain team up with in World War 1?

Great Britain teamed up with the Allies.

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Germany was TOO imperialistic, and they forced Britain into the war.

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Britain went to war for political, not religious, reasons.

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World War II.

How did the US helped Great Britain in world war 2?

the us helped great Britain by sending them resources when us wasnt in the war and then by joining the war and helping them win

What did great Britain do in world war 1?

nothing nothing.