Vietnam War

What weapon was known as a Hushpuppy in Vietnam?


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Ah yes the hushpuppy. The hushpuppy was a nickname given to a silenced Smith and Wesson Model 39 9mm pistol by navy seals. The reason it was called this was because it was mainly used to shoot guard dogs. Nice.

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Nuclear weapons were not used in the Vietnam War.

The best weapon of the Vietnam war was the Strategic Air Command's high altitude strategic heavy bomber; the B52 Stratofortress.

Nuclear weapons were not used during the Vietnam war

Their main weapon was persistence.

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The most widiy used weapon in the Veitnam war was the American M-16 rifle.

The most common weapon would be the Ak-47 by the Vietnamese Army and Vietcong, while for the United States and others it would be the M14/M16.

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Vietnam was known for the Vietnam War, one of the longest wars. Vietnam was also known for a lot of great sight seeing, with the Ha Long bay, one of the wonders of the world (not the seven wonders) and one of the most beautiful bay.

The Kalashnikov AK47 and the SKS rifles, 82mm Chinese mortars, 120mm Soviet Rockets.

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The Japanese invade Indochina, also known as Vietnam, in 1940.

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Tricky Dick, as known to the American people; B52 Nixon as known to the GIs in Vietnam.

The M16 was first used in the Vietnam War. It was a completely new weapon with a new caliber of ammunition. It was lighter and more deadly than its predecessors.

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The French Vietnam War was 1946-1954 (also known as the 1st Indochina War). The US Vietnam War was 1961-1973 (also known as the 2nd Indochina War).

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