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What websites have autobiographies?


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Autobiographies This will depend on whose autobiography you are interested in. Try searching for the person's name with the Google search form to the right. As the person above mentioned, it will depend on whose autobiography you want to find. Remember, not everyone writes one, so you may have to settle for a biography of the person. It also depends on what you call an autobiography. Blogs on social networking sites are autobiographies. They are written by a person about their lives.


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You can find a variety of poet autobiographies online at places like Poem Hunter and Poetry Foundation. These websites offer autobiographies and biographies on many poets who are currently being published or have been published in the past.

because in french auto means self and biography means write which lead to autobiography

The detail written in autobiographies must always need to be true and truthful because autobiographies are non fiction. They are written to be factual about a persons origins, life, and (sometimes) death.

bibliographies autobiographies

Autobiographies-when the main character wrote the book Biography-when someone else writes a book on someone's life

The Gods don't write autobiographies.

the books and autobiographies he wrote.

from age little to big usally

Personal interviews, autobiographies, etc.

Babur (1526-1530) and Jahangir (1605-1627) wrote their Autobiographies. Babur's Autobiography is called Tuzuk-i-Baburi and Jahangir's Autobiography is Tuzuk-i-Jahangiri.

The Diary of Anne Frank and Mein Kampf

"And this, my dear friend, is where I continue to write my story."

Documentaries Advertisements Bibliographies Autobiographies

Memoirs focus on emotions and memories.

Memoirs are nonfiction accounts of a person's life.

autobiographies are books people (mostly famous) write about themselves and their lives

Wayne gretzky, Winston churchill, Yogi bear...

Hearing interesting stories about famous people. And revelations about others.

Karla Zepeda has written: 'Exile and identity in autobiographies of twentieth-century Spanish women' -- subject(s): Women authors, Spanish literature, Exiles in literature, History and criticism, Gender identity in literature, Autobiographies

Abraham Lincoln was a major influential figure in American history so there would be many reliable biographies about him. One should check the local library for books about his life. Autobiographies can also be purchased on websites such as eBay or Amazon.

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