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to gain control of all of Europe

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Q: What were Germany's colonial interests during World War 1?
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What were germanys military interests during World War 1?

to build their military up and take control of England?

What territorial and colonial interests did Italy have during World War 1 in Europe and Africa?

becauase itialans are awesome

Germanys ruler during World War I?

Germany's ruler during World War 1 was Wilhelmii.Hope this helped you!

Who did Germany invade during world war 1?

=Yes. Germanys soilders invaded most of Eruopes contries including France.=

What was Germanys outcome in World War 1?

They lost.

Where was Germany's forces turned back during World WarII?


Which accurately describe events during World War II?

the soviet union did more to weaken germanys military than it did any other nation

How did cricket get around the world?

It was "exported" by the British during the colonial period.

How powerful is germanys military?

The military of Germany during World War II was advanced. Hitler developed stronger and better weapons during his rise as opposed to France, the United Kingdom etc.

Who did Hitler blame for Germanys defeat in World War 1?


Who is Germanys captain?

At the World Cup 2010 it's Philip Lahm

Which statement best describes relations among the major powers during the period between World War 1 and World War 2?

National interests took priority over international interests.

Why were Britain and France not keen to the League of Nations?

Both had huge colonial Empires. From Start, the UN and predecessor agencies- such as the League of Nations were very keen on ( self-determination of nations) and this obviously worked against colonial structures. Many Empires unravelled during World War I, Britain and France aimed at keeping their foreign interests intact.

Most women World Cup champions?

Germanys women team have won the world cup the most times.

Germanys allies in World War 1?

Germany was in an alliance with Austria-Hungary and Italy.

What was germanys involvement in world war 2?

Yes, Germany was like my bootyhole.

How much was Germanys war debt after World War 1?

37 billion dollars

What were Japans actions before and during World War 2 similar to Germanys actions over the same period?

Both countries invaded neighboring countries to expand their territory and influence.

How much did the loser of world war 1 have to pay?

When the Germans lost the ww1 they were made to pay for all the damage that was caused during the war, also Britain raised germanys taxes, which contributed to the start of the second world war.

What was the effect of the allies being unable to ship war supplies to Russia ports during world war 1?

Russia had to depend on themselves to stop germanys expansion since there ports were unavailable

Who led Germanys rise to power just before World War 2?

Adolf Hitler did.

Germanys invasion of this country triggered world war 2?

Poland, on 1 September 1939

What are the major events leading to world war 1?

The asssination of Germanys Archduke began everything.

What was the multicountry arrangement that defends common interests against enemy attack during World War 2?

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What was germanys role in world war 1?

They were kinda with Austria-Hungary and backing them up against the Serbs.