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What were Sit-Ins contributions to The Civil Rights Movement?

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to pressure the government to support civil rights

Muhammad Ali was a great advocate for the civil rights movement. Ali spoke out against white domination. He was awarded the Otto Hahn peace medal for his contributions to the civil rights movement.

jeuse started the civil rights movement

The civil rights movement end in 1968

the civil rights movement happened by..........................................................PENIS :)

the revolutionary war lead to the civil rights movement

A civil rights movement fights for the rights of all people. A civil rights movement wants to change laws that ensures equality for all people. There are civil rights movements all over the world.

It is a civil rights movement.

they helped the civil rights movement <3 APEX

the civil rights movement was from 1955and is still going on

How did the focus of the civil rights movement change after 1965?

His murder is what started it; it helped spark the civil rights movement

he did all he could during the civil rights movement

Yes, there were many whites that were part of the civil rights movement.

Yes She was involved in a civil rights movement.

Ed Roberts was known as the father of the civil rights movement.

Some of Dr. King's contributions to American society include integration, equal rights, and the freedom of speech. His work would be a gateway to the Civil Rights Movement and eventual equality.

18 people were involved in the civil rights movement

His murder & trial were the start of the Civil Rights Movement

Click on the link below for information on Rosa Parks, and the contributions she made to the civil rights movement.

What did not result from the civil rights movement

The Civil Rights Movement was when African Americans moved and fought towards equality for mankind.

her actions brought national attention to the civil rights movement

The Civil Rights movement was begun by the civilians of the righteousness co orporation in 250BC

she was an civil rights activist. She was most famous for the bus boycott movement.

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