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The East Indies usually refers to Indonesia. Historically it was India, now it sometimes is used to refer to Southeast Asia.

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Q: What were and where were the East Indies?
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Where were the East Indies located?

The East Indies are Indonesia.

In East Indies and fourth largest?

in east indies and fourth largest

When was Spanish East Indies created?

Spanish East Indies was created in 1565.

When did Spanish East Indies end?

Spanish East Indies ended in 1899.

When was Dutch East Indies created?

Dutch East Indies was created in 1800.

When did Dutch East Indies end?

Dutch East Indies ended in 1942.

When was East Indies Station created?

East Indies Station was created in 1865.

What was the name of Indonesia before independence?

The Dutch East Indies. The Dutch East Indies.

Who is the indies?

There are two 'Indies'. The West Indies (Caribbean) and the East Indies (South and Southeast Aisa).

What is the other name given to SE Asian region?

East indies or dutch east indies

When did Dutch East Indies campaign happen?

Dutch East Indies campaign happened in 1942.

What is the abbreviation for the East Indies?

The abbreviation for East Indies is E.I. The East Indies refers to the region that includes Southeast Asia. This geographical area includes countries, such as Vietnam, Sri Lanka, and Cambodia.