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Dogs are sometimes used for seeing. If a person can't see they have a dog to guide them around. They are also used for love. If someone has a dog they are usually filled with joy and happiness.

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How do dogs help man?

Dogs are used on farms to herd cattle or sheep Dogs are used in search and rescue operations Dogs are used as guides for the blind Dogs are used as search dogs at country borders Dogs can fetch your slippers and news paper

Why and where are dogs being used?

Dogs are used in fire departments- they are used to smell out the people that are trapped inside the building Dogs are used in the police force-they are used to smell out evidencedogs are used for blinds- they are used to guide themdogs are used in backyards or front yards-they are used to scare away robbersdogs are used in houses- they are used for wither teaching kids responsibility or used for entertainment

Are canine dogs used for rescuing?

All dogs are canines. Yes dogs are used for rescue work

What were dogs used for in Mesopotamia?

dogs were used to hunt wild anamals

How did dogs form?

dogs used to be wolves.

What was dogs used for in World War 2?

dogs were used by the Germans for sniffing out hidden Jews, guard dogs, and general fighting(realesing the dogs after the enemy.

Are dogs used for animal testing?

Some dogs are used for animal testing. yes

Can Tylenol be used as a painkiller for Dogs?

I think tylenol can be used as an effective painkiller for dogs

Can you use fluocinonide ointment on dogs?

can this be used on dogs

How can you get a dog used to other dogs or people?

To get the dog used to other animals and dogs you have to put it in a room with other people and you have to have people and dogs around for a period of time and then they will finally get used to people and other dogs.

Are Doberman Pinschers mean?

What are Doberman Pinschers used for?They were used in the military as combat dogs and were used as police dogs.

What kind of dogs are normally used as sleigh dogs?

Usually dogs intended for cooler climates are used for sleds such as Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes.

Can proton pump inhibitors be used on dogs?

Yes, protein pump inhibitors can be used on dogs.

What are black mouth cur dogs used for?

black mouth cur dogs are used for hunting.

What can dogs be used for?

Dogs can be used for so many things. First and foremost, they're just a great friend and companion to have around. But as a profession, German Sheperds are usually Police Dogs, and other dogs like Labs, Golden Retrievers, German Sheperds, and Dalmatians can be used for the Seeing Eye and Hearing dogs. Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes can be used as sled dogs, and dogs like Border Collies and Shetland Sheepdogs and many other herding dogs are typically used for herding.

Is lamotrigine toxic to dogs?

can lamotrigine be used for dogs with seizures?

Are dogs used as food?

Yes in china they eat dogs.

What are Maltese used for?

What are Maltese used for? Maltese Dogs are tiny (7 pounds or under) companion dogs.

What were standard poodles used for?

A standard poodle were commonly used as water retrieval dogs and gun dogs.

What are sheep dogs used for?

Sheep Dogs are used for herding Sheep or for just every day pets!

Can oil of oregano be used on dogs?

Yes, oil of oregano can be used on dogs. It is often used as a natural remedy and is an excellent antibiotic.

What were dalmatians used for?

They were once used as guard dogs to protect Dalmatia. They were also once used as carriage dogs and fire fighting dogs.=============Dalmatians have been used as hunting dogs, as soft mouthed retrievers, as pointers, herding and even as watch dogs. During both World Wars and during Vietnam, Dalmatians were used to guard the camps of US soldiers. Dalmatians are also excellent tracking and Search and Rescue dogs.

What dogs are used a cadavar dogs?

While a variety of breeds may be used to hunt forensic material, bloodhounds, springer spanels, and labradors are the most common breeds used as cadaver dogs.

What jobs can dogs do for humans?

Dogs are widely used as guides for the blind, and sometimes as guides for the hearing impaired as well. They are used to track fugitives, and to hunt for explosives and illegal drugs. They are used to hunt foxes. Dogs can be used to help herd sheep. Dogs can be used to deter unauthorized entry. Beware of dog.

Is dogs an adjective?

No. Dogs is a plural noun. It can be used as a possessive adjective (dogs' homes) and the singular, dog, is often used as a noun adjunct (dog breath).

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