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Just like today, changing all the time.


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Probably lots of camoflage so people can honor the brave fighters in World War 2.

Fashion changes all the time regardless of war .

how world war 2 affect music

for fashion, to make it look like hey had stockings on.

Yes there is World War 1 music. They had music made for the troops and for the people back home.

The fashions were just regular fashions that you would think of for the early 40's

World War II impacted fashion by exposing fashion trends and designs from around the world to many countries. This helped to spread many styles far more rapidly than would have otherwise been possible.

Seems like desert camo replaced jungle camo as a fashion statement for a time after the Gulf war.

Bandana's where totally in and thy where really practial to.

To see some photos I suggest searching for world war 2 fashion.

Well, I think it's because some people cannot afford to buy fashion trends so it affects world war 1 because people ar'nt buying fashion trends. Love, Secret Person

They were effected in many ways like their paintings, music and dance was all changed and based on World War 2

World War II has had a huge impact on fashion. For example, a current trend is 'pin up' fashion, which involves victory rolls, high wasted pants, 1940s style Mary Jane shoes, and rolled up sleeves.

Partly because of the war they needed the supplies for the war and so the government had regulations. But the awsome fashion industry just created somthing new and cooler!!

It changed it by just like world war ,the money issues people had and how the dresses had got allot MORE expensive because of the war. People wanted money to improve their shops because they might of been destroyed during the war.

Hippie fashion was something made after the war because we all were so dull we wanted to make the world a brighter place

the civil war music was mostly music that was classical and sad during those times cause that war was one of our worst wars in that time

Normally All Boring and Not Very Pretty

Chicago, Illinois was a center for jazz music during World War 1.

They liked the music becos they thought it would help us win the war!

Chicago, Illinois was a center for jazz music during World War 1.

Women's fashion became less constricting because of the ease of movement required to work in factories, etc. (which the women were doing because the men were off at war)

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