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Protests regarding the war in Vietnam took many forms. In the beginning of the war, criticism of President Johnson's policy in Vietnam came from conservative Republicans, like Barry Goldwater, retired military men, and extremists, like some members of the John Birch Society. The gist of the argument was that the president was going too slowly regarding the war and the use of military action. As the war escalated, the country was split into doves and hawks. The doves protested by staging parades and demonstrations against the war. Most major cities saw some kind of marches or demonstrations against the policy of LBJ. On colleges and high school campuses, some teachers and professors held "teach-ins" as a form of protest against the war. There was also religious groups that protested against the war. The most violent demonstration took place on the campus of Kent State University. This site will have links to protests during the Vietnam War.

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Q: What were protests like in the US about the Vietnam war?
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Protests in US during Vietnam War?

Too many to count.

What were the reactions to the Vietnam War in the US?

Protests/Demonstrations, Draft Card Burning.

How did people in Australia oppose the war in Vietnam?

They mirrored the US; protests, etc.

What is the conflict and compromise of the Vietnam War?

US military policy and civilian protests.

What happened in the US war on Vietnam from 1960-1970?

The military draft; riots, protests, and demonstrations.

How many protests were there against the Vietnam War in the US?

All of them in 1966-1969. The draft of 68 was the largest in US history.

Who won in the US and the Vietnam war?

The US doesn't like it, but Vietnam was the first war they lost.

Did the Vietnam war unify the US?

Like the US Civil War in the 1860s the Vietnam War in the 1960s divided America.

How did Isolationists in the US government try to keep the US neutral in Vietnam?

Isolationists made little effort in the early (Post Dien Bin Phu) days. It was the anti war protests against the war and the draft that fought against the Vietnam War.

Was the draft riots a war?

The US Civil War & Vietnam War experienced draft riots. These were physical violent protests against the military draft (conscription).

What was the public reaction to the Vietnam war in the US?

The American "public" supplied the manpower for the war, thus the "public" protested and rioted (anti-war/anti-draft protests).

What was Aussie and American rection to the Vietnam war?

Since both the US and Australia drafted men to fight the war; there were protests and draft riots in both countries.

Where were protests and rallies held to oppose the Vietnam War?

All over the US, but particularly on college campuses (see Kent State).

How did the public opinion of the US contribute to the US's failiure in the Vietnam war?

The "public" was being drafted into military service; which influenced public opinion, which in turn influenced the protests and riots against the war.

What happened in the US during the Vietnam War?

A complete counter-culture of hippies and "flower power" developed as the war became more and more unpopular and anti-war protests began.

Where were the US troops in the Vietnam war?

Because the Vietnam war was fought between Vietnam and the US

How did America feel about the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam war was a war fought to help unify Vietnam and stop communism. Americans had differing views on the war. Some opposed and some were for it. In the beginning there were few protests. As time went on and more US soldiers were sent home in body bags more Americans began protesting.

What role did the US play in the Vietnam war Vietnam War?

The US was at war with North Vietnam (informally-not with documents signed/declaration of war).

How did the number of Australians killed or wounded during the Vietnam war affect Australia?

Australia mirrored the US; the draft, riots, protests, casualties, discontent.

Why was the US at war with Vietnam?

We were at war with Vietnam because they disagreed with us about something.

Who did not like US in Vietnam war?

US Citizens facing the military draft.

When and why did the US join the Vietnam War?

The US joined the Vietnam War in 1960 or 1955because there was a civil war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam, and the US was good friends with South Vietnam's goverment, so they helped out.

What was the Vietnam war like before the united stated entered?

Most people in the US NEVER HEARD OF VIETNAM before the war.

Did the United states win the war with Vietnam?

With North Vietnam (not Vietnam; Vietnam was created after the war). No, the US did not win the war.

What impact did media have on the Vietnam war?

The media ended up having a tremendous effect on the Vietnam War. This was the first war in history that people were able to follow on television. The stories on the nightly news fueled resistance to the draft and the war as a whole, leading to large protests to end US involvement.