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Q: What were some colonial tools?
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Related questions

What were some tools that were used by a cooper in colonial times?


Where did colonial milliners get tools?

Colonial milliner's used the tools from a blacksmith.

What tools did a colonial doctors use?

they were tools

What tools did a colonial soldier use?

some were muskets, a handgun called the blunderbuss, and the cutlass.

What are some colonial wheelwright tools?

Big hoop,iron,chisel,axe and a hammer

What did colonial children use for tools?

Colonial children children used wooden tools like: forks,spoons,and every everyday tools and they were all wooden.

What are examples of some of the farm tools used in the Southern Colonies of colonial America?

The Southern Colonies in colonial America depended greatly on the crops they grew. These crops required special care with the use of a variety of handheld farming tools. These tools included axes, hoes, sickles, and bellows.

Where did colonial basket makers get their tools?

They got their tools from up their but!

What tools and supplies did colonial school masters use?

The main tools that schoolmasters used from the colonial times were, pencils,chalk, and a big stick

What tools did a colonial pewterer use?

what tools do olonial pewters use

Where do colonial basket makers get their tools?

they got their tools from neighborhood blacksmiths

Where do Colonial Carpenters get there tools?

From Spain

What did a colonial doctor use?

they were tools

What tools did the colonial people use?

not their brains

What were the tools that the colonial brought from england?

they helped

What tools do colonial bakers use?


What did colonial silversmiths do?

made bracelets,jewlry,and tools

What tools did colonial seamstress use?

needle and thread

What tools did colonial paper makers use?


What are the tools of trade colonial bakers used?


What tools did a colonial tailor use?

needle thread

What tools did barbers have in Colonial America?

They used your mom.

What tools did a miller use in the colonial times?


What did blacksmiths make in the colonial times?

They made tools

What tools did fisherman in colonial times?

fishing poles