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Much of the products that were used in daily life were rationed, including tires, fuel, sugar, coffee and other ordinary goods that went to the military.

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Q: What were some difficulties about living on the home front during World War 2?
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What was the western front during World War 1?

the "western front" was in France

Where can you find information about rationing on the home front during World War 2?

The local library has some wonderful books available: V is for Victory--The American Home Front during World War II by: Sylvia Whitman The Home Front During World War II--In American History by: R. Conrad Stein

What is The Western Front in WW1?

the western front was part of two fronts during world war 1.

How was the home front organized during the world war 1?

kiss my but

Which countries fought on the northern Front in World War 1?

The northern front was a unit of the Russian army that was formed in August 1915. The unit fought on the Eastern Front during World War I.

What was it like at the home front in Russia during world war 1?

Russia's home front during World War 1 was characterized by civil war. It was these internal conflicts that led to Russia's premature withdrawal from the war.

When did the western front happen?

The Western Front Happened In France, Belgium. During World War One.(1914-1918)

Where was most of the fighting done during World War 1?

On the Western front, in France; on the Eastern front, in present Belorussia.

Why was Italy invaded during the 1940s?

To open another front against the axis during world war 2

What country was the Western Front during World War 1?

France and Belgium.

Women in Australia during World War 2?

Carried on in the home front.

Did the home front during World war 2 have food shortages?


What was the US mainland during World War 2 called?

The Home Front.

What was the battle front in Europe like during World War 1?


Where did the soldiers hide on the western front during world war 1?

In trenches.

What was life on the home front like during World War 1?

it was hard

What nation did not participate on the Western Front during World War 1?


What was it like to fight on the eastern battle front in World War I?

Read "Silence on the Western Front" While it is a boo about the western front, it is very similar to the eastern, and the best book out there about war during World War 1.

Women at the front armed services during ww1?

No during world war one women didn't serve in the army

What difficulties did Opera Winfrey face?

she faced being called "fat" in front of her face

What was happening on American home front during World war 2?

White flight

Who the commander of Allied forces on the European front during World War 2?


Who was the commander of allied forces on the European front during world war 2?


What was called a 600 mile battle line during world war 1?

A Front.

Who did not want to get involved in a two front war during World War 2?