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Q: What were some holidays celebrations customs followed in ancient China?
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What were the mound builders customs or celebrations?


What are some holidays and customs of Switzerland?

Holidays Christmas.etc Customs eating other people and cheese, and brains

Frances customs and celebrations?

Mardi Gras, L'anniversaire.

Is there a book called Jewish Holidays and Customs?

There is a book by Morris Epstein (available through Abebooks) called All About Jewish Holidays and Customs.

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What are the Italian's customs and holidays?

Copodanno (new years)

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i think they ply games for celebrations

What were the tribal customs and celebrations the Cheyenne had?

an important custom was the smoking of the peace pipe

What are Spain's national holidays and customs?

Spain like other countries around the world has national holidays and customs. The days include New Year's Day, Epiphany, Easter Holidays, Labor Day, Assumption of Mary, and Hispanic Day. Some of the customs include traditional dances and food.

What are some Austrian customs?

# Holidays: Christmas, Easter, Holleween.

What holidays did the timucuans celebrate?

what are some of the timuca tribs customs

What are cultural activities?

Cultural activities are traditions, holidays, and customs.