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Ok so there was a lot of inventions in World War 2 like TV invented to send secret messages to the soldiers without other people relizing it or noticing it!!!!!!

Yes, Morse Code was the best invention so soldiers and their family could write to each other!

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Q: What were some of the inventions of World War 2?
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What was some inventions that were made in world war 2?

The atomic weapon.

What are some inventions in world war 2?

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What were some of inventions did they used that helped to win the war in World War 2?

They were the radar, atomic bombs, radio communications.

What World War 2 inventions did a lot of damage?

nuclear bomb

What inventions appeared during World War 2?

the communicaton systems were invented.

A list of world war 2 inventions?

the atom bomb and the pop rivet.

What are the inventions of World War 2?

James Buchanan the 15 president. And Evan Schillinger the 19 president.

What new inventions appeared because of World War 2?

The jet engine, Atomic power, Radar.

What inventions failed during world war 2?

a lot of accidents occured involving sticky bombs

What new inventions World War 2?

Rockets Jets Radar Sonar Atomic bomb Penicillin

What are some inventions that came before World War 2?

There were millions of things invented before WW 2- but some notable ones included airplanes, submarines, radios, tanks, machine guns and automobiles.

What were 5 new inventions of World War 2?

rockets jets radar sonar atomic bomb penicillin

What were the United States' military victories in world war 2?

Some of the victories in world war 2 are victorious/ Some of the victories in world war 2 are victorious/

Why is World War 2 called world war?

World War 2 was a world war because it was a war which involved most of the world, nearly all European and most of Asia and the US had some involvement with WW2 some were on a massive and some were on a small/minor scale.

What was the effect of communism on World War 2?

it affected world war 2 by treating some people the same as others during the war it affected world war 2 by treating some people the same as others during the war

What were some key events of world war 2?

Major battles. presedent elections. economic changes supreme court rulings amendment passed major laws enacted inventions...

Can you name some important chemical inventions?

There are so many such inventions some are 1- plastics 2- synthetic fibres 3-paints 4- medicines 5- explosives 6 - war gases etc.

What were some problems in America after World War 1?

world war 2

What are some key battles to World War 2?

World War 1

Describe some causes of world war 2?

Describe the MAIN causes of world war 2.

How did World War 2 inventions and discoveries improve life for the people after the war?

nuclear power plant, tank lead to various farming vehicles. all i can think of.

What if world war 2 didn't happen?

If WW2 hadn't occurred, over 60,000,000 lives would not have been lost. Also, we would not have some of the inventions we have today, the jet engine for example.

What were new inventions during world war 2?

the first prototype stealth bomber, nitrogen bomb, atom bomb, and mustard gas.

What are some of the similarities between World War 1 and World War 2?

it was very bad

What are some interesting hook sentences about World War 2?

World war 2 was a very very life changing war and the question is, is how it started.