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AbercrombieA know-it-allAbyssiniaI'll be seeing youAces, snazzy, hot, nobby, smooth, sweet, swell, keen, coolVery goodAll the wayChocolate cake or fudge with ice creamAll wetNo goodAmeche, horn, blowerTelephoneAppleAny big town or cityBabe, broad, dame, doll, frail, twist, muffin, kittenWomanBabyGlass of milkBean shooter, gat, rod, roscoe, heater, convincerGunBeatBrokeBehind the grindBehind in one's studiesBig house, hoosegowPrisonBleedto extort or blackmailBlinkers, lamps, pies, shutters, peepersEyesBlow your wigBecome very excitedBooze, hooch, giggle juice, muleWhiskeyBrodieA mistakeBrunos, goons, hatchetmen, torpedoes, trigger menHired gunmen and other tough guysBulgeHaving the advantageBumping gums, booshwashTalk about nothing usefulButter and egg fly, hot mama, sweet mama, sweet patootie, dish, looker, tomatoAn attractive womanButter and egg manThe money man, the man with the bankrollBuzzerPolice badgeCabbage, lettuce, kale, folding green, long green.color of moneyCadillacOne ounce packet of cocaine or heroinCanaryA female vocalistCats or alligatorsFans of swing musicCaveOne's house or apartmentCheck or checkerA dollarChicago overcoatCoffinChicago typewriter, chopper, gat"Tommy Gun", Thompson Submachine GunChiselSwindle, cheat, work an angleCinder dickRailroad detectiveCity juice, dog soupGlass of waterClam-bakeWild swingClip jointNight club or gambling joint where patrons get flimflammedCopperPolicemanCrumbA fink, a loser by social standardsCrustTo insultCurveDisappointmentCute as a bug's earVery cuteDead hoofer or cement mixerBad dancerDick, shamus, gumshoe, flatfootDetectiveDigThink hard or understandDil-ya-bleA phone callDingySillyDizzy with a dameVery much in love with a woman, sometimes at great risk to themselves, especially if she's someone else's mollDog houseString bassDoggyWell dressed but in a self conscious wayDollfaceName for a woman when a man is pleading his case or apologizingDossSleepDrilling, plugging, throwing lead, filling someone with daylight, giving someone lead poisoningShooting a gun (at someone)Drumsticks, pins, pillars, stems, uprights, get away sticks, gamsLegsDukes, paws, grabbers, meat hookshandsEggA crude personEgg harborFree danceEggs in coffeeRun smoothlyEvilIn a bad moodFaceA CaucasianFem, filly, flame, flirt, fussConstant girl companion to a boyFive spot, a Lincoln$5 billGeniusAn extremely, unbelievably, dumb personsGin millPlace that serves liquor, sometimes illegallyG-manFederal agent, term coined by Machine Gun KellyGobble-pipeSaxophoneGolddiggerAttractive young woman actively hunting for a rich manGreaseball, half portion, wet smack, wet sock, jelly beanUnpopular personGrifterA con man or womanGumming the worksTo cause something to run less smoothlyGunselGunman with a hint toward being a reckless loose cannon or young homosexual (insult)Hard boiledToughHocks, platesFeetHoney coolerA kissHop, rag, jolly up, romp, wingdingDance or partyHotsquatElectric chairHouse dick, house peeperHouse detectiveJoeA average guyJoedTiredJuicyEnjoyableK ballingSalvaging parts from junked rail cars to rebuild othersKeenVery GoodKiboshSquelchKippyNeatLow down All the informationLungerSomeone with tuberculosisMake tracks, dangleLeave in a hurry, leave aburptlyMeat wagonAmbulanceMicky, Micky FinnDrink spiked with a knock out drugsMitt me kid!Congratulate meMollA gangster's girlfriendMurder!Wow!Nuts!Telling someone they are full of nonsenseOkieMigrant worker from OklahomaOff the cobCornyPacking heat, wearing ironCarrying a gunPallyFriend, chum, sometimes used sarcasticlyPatsyInnocent man framed for a criminal chargePillDisagreeable personPipAttractive personPitching woo, making whoopeeMaking lovePlatterA recordPlenty ruggedBig and strongPachucoYoung Mexican living in the USRing-a-ding-dingA good time at a partyRot gut, bathtub ginProhibition alcohol usually made in back rooms and of low qualitySawbuck$10 billScat singerA vocalist who improvises lyrics, substituting nonsense syllables for wordsScrubPoor studentShake a legHurry upSkin ticklerA drummerSlugburgerAdding day-old bread to ground beef.Slip me fiveShake my handSmoothWell dressed without qualificationSnipeCigaretteSourdoughConterfeit moneySpeakeasyBar disguised as something else or hidden behind an unmarked doorSquatNothingStool pigeon, snitchSomeone who informs to the policeSuds, salad, dough, moolah, rhino, bacon (as in bring home the bacon), breadMoneyTake a powder, blow, split, scram, driftLeaveTaking the rap, taking the fallTaking responsibility for someone else's crime or crimesThe high hatA response in which one excludes another with irreverence and intent to offendThe kiss offThe final goodbye as in exile or deathTinSmall changeTin can, flivverA carTin ear, IckieSomeone who did not like popular musicTogged to the bricksDressed upTrip for biscuitsA task that yields nothingTwitFool or IdiotWhackyCrazyWhat's your story, morning glory?What do you mean by that?WheatPerson unused to city waysYo!YesYou and me bothI agree"You shred it, wheat"You said it

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Q: What were some slang words used in the 1930s?
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What are derby slang words?

Derby slang words are words that are used in the Derbyshire dialect. Some Derby slang words include "be said" and "belter" along with "clammed."

What were some slang terms used during the Korean war?

some words they used were hii. and byee.

What are some slang words used in England?

bloody, wanker/wank and poof

What are some slang words for sister?

Siz, sissy, sisteh (especially used in kenya)

What slang words are used in the home?

Most slang words used in the home are thpse used everywhere else in the region or culture. Given the huge number of cultures and slang words, barely a percentage point of them could be listed.

What are 1960's slang words?

Some of the slang words that were used in the 1960s include hip, boss, and happening. Other slang words from the 1960s are book, which means leave the scene, bad, which means awesome, and bread, which means money.

What language is slang?

Slang can be used in any language. Slang is an informal use of language or words mostly used by a subgroup of society.

What are some slang words used in team sports?

Feed the big man! A Technique used commonly in basketball!

Why are some words that are used not in the dictionary?

The dictionary is a list of words that are used by a large percentage of the population - thus, many slang words are not found there until they become part of the larger vocabulary.

How do you get your Samsung Galaxy S4 to save your slang words?

The Samsung Galaxy will save certain slang words after you have used them several times.

What is the most popular slang used?

Some say "Hi" is a slang. If so, then it is most used.

Are there any slang words used on the SAT Test?


Are there specific words that may have a vulgar or slang connotation that are used regularly in your culture that should be avoided in India?

what slang words used in the United States should be avoided in India

What are some words that british people say?

There are long lists of British slang on various websites. Take them with a grain of salt, some of those words are rarely, if ever, used.

What are the most common slang words used by black people and what do they mean?

Slang is not always used by black people. All other races use it too. So it is not just black people that use slang. Also don't think that there are some black people that do not use slang at all and are very educated.

Do languages change?

Of course they do! Many words that start out as slang becomes words and lots of words grow out of use. For example: "scientist" used to be slang For example: "thou" and "art" are no longer used in modern english

How do you speak word 'have' in different slang?

There is no slang term for "have." Slang terms are used for things that are complex, or for things used in a particular situation (such as sports or work). People don't make up slang for simple words.

When did Americans start to use slang?

People have used slang since the dawn of time. There was slang every since cave men but it wasn't slang it was the pronounciation for thier words.

Why do some people speak slang language?

There are probably many reasons why slang is used. It has been noted that members of some groups will use slang to identify themselves with their own group and exclude outsiders. Further, slang can become accepted over time as standard language. Language evolves over time, new words are invented and old words disappear. Slang is just informal language

Why do they call a bazookas a bazooka?

The bazooka weapon was named after a musical instrument used in a comedy routine in the 1930s. The word came from "bazaoo," slang for "mouth."

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the used of slang?

Slang can be seen as creative and flexible and can also show peoples idiolect. Negatives are that it can exclude some people if they don't know the words and also it can be inappropriate in some situations, e.g. job interviews.

Why might a computer user learn online slang?

Using slang allows for faster typing There are some words appropriate to different professions and used in context with those professions. Certain nomenclature is needed and new words used and invented when new technology is introduced. Using such words saves long and tedious explanations.

What were the most common slang words used in the 1990s?

Yo dog

What are the most common slang words used in Leeds UK?


What are some 1940's slang words?

People used slang words in the 1940's. Of course now those terms sound funny and ancient, but a few examples are, Ace, bust rocks, chopper, fuddy-duddy, and lulu.