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The Black shirts was a nickname for Mussolini's paramilitaries - and also for those of Oswald Mosley. It was also used more generally as a nickname for Fascists. The Brown shirts were Hitler's paramilitaries - the Stormtroopers.


The Brownshirts were the SA, the Sturmabteilung, the name taken from brigades formed in WWI to break the deadlock in the trenches. They were led by Ernst Röhm 1931-1934 when Röhm and the leadership of the SA were eliminated in the Night of the Long Knives. The SA was largely made up of socialist workers, who alienated German business leaders as well as the regular army, and constituted a threat to Hitler.

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The SA, or brownshirts,ย  were Hitler's stormtroopers.ย  Once he came into power, he eliminated them, because their leader was so effective that Hitler was threatened by him.ย  The way you have stated this is misleading and unclear.

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When was Blackshirts created?

Blackshirts was created in 1919.

Who were the Brownshirts?

The Brownshirts (aka Shitshirts) were Hitler's paramilitaries - the stormtroopers.

What did the Blackshirts Schutzstaffel and Brownshirts have in common?

All three of those were Nazi organizations, used for a variety of violent purposes ranging from intimidation of political opponents to genocide in the case of the Schutzstaffel (better known by its initials, the SS). They were all involved in Mussolini's rise to power

Who were the Blackshirts?

Answer Blackshirts were the military Fascists soldiers who were followers of Mussolini during WW2. For more info, check out History / WW2 category. Custermen

Mussolini's private fascist army?


What color shirts did the Fascists wear?


What types of uniforms did SA wear?

They were called the "Brownshirts".

The fascist militia that supported Mussolini was known as the?


Term that referred to Hitler's thugs?

They were the SA - Stormtroopers, 'brownshirts'.

What was the name of Hitler's group that helped silence opponents?


What is the Nazi stormtroopers?

The nazi stormtroopers was a way to refer to the SA/the brownshirts. Or the Schusztaffel or SS. The Brownshirts/SA, and the SS battled at the beginning of the war on who was to be hitlers body gaurd. The SS won.

What impact did Mussolini and the Blackshirts have on Italy?

he is landen langes father

What are blackshirts?

shirts that the Germans wore to scare off rabbits

What was the group led by Benito Mussolini called?

facism or "blackshirts"

What were the brownshirts in Nazi Germany?

The Sturmabteilung (more commonly known as the Brownshirts or SA) were a paramilitary group that acted as enforcers for the Nazi party before they became Germany's official government. During the Night of the Long Knives, the SA was "blood-purged" - all the high-ranking leaders were killed - and the Brownshirts were replaced by the Schutzstaffel (SS).

Nazi storm troopers were also called what?

They were also known as Brownshirts.

What was the name of Mussolini's party?

Blackshirts. (in italian, camicie nere or squadristi)

What was Benito Mussolini's party?

Blackshirts. (in italian, camicie nere or squadristi)

What was the blackshirts involved in?

They were involved with Benito Mussolini in the fascist movement in Italy .

What was name given to members of Mussolini's National Fascist Party?

Squadristi or Blackshirts.

Who founded the Blackshirts?

they were Mussolini's I'm guessing that Mussolini created them

What were Mussolini's Fascist followers called?

Mussolini's fascist followers were called "Blackshirts."

Who did the Blackshirts kill?

In general it was people who opposed moussolini. Before moussolini stopped being anti clerical, the blackshirts typically killed or attacked socialists and Catholics although many more minorities, like the Protestants were persecuted.

Who were the German SA?

The SA (Sturmabteilung, 'Brownshirts') was the paramilitary wing of the Nazi party (NSDAP).

Why were the German people particularly the Jews scared of the brownshirts and the gestapo?

They were the security police. But also the Brownshirts(or the SA) were used to bully other political opponents so the Nazi Party could come to power. They were brutal and would use force and beatings to scare people, especially the Jewish population.______The Brownshirts (SA) were the Nazi party's paramilitary wing until 1934, when their role was largely taken over by the SS.