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They were known as the Boston Patriots from 1960-1970. They changed their name in February 1971 to the Bay State Patriots but changed it in March 1971 to New England Patriots.

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Q: What were the New England Patriots called before they were New England?
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How old is the New England Patriots football team?

The New England Patriots were established in 1959. They were originally called the Boston Patriots but were renamed the New England Patriots in 1971 after relocating from Boston to Foxborough.

Why are they called the New England Patriots?

they are called that because New England was one of the first places the colonists settled so New England decided on Patriots based on their history.

What NFL team is called winged patriots?

There are no teams called the winged patriots, there is a team called the New England Patriots.

Where were the Patriots located before playing in New England?


Why were people called patriots also called rebels?

they were patriots to the new country and rebels toward England

What is Bella thorne's favorite football team?

New England Patriots

Why are the NE patriots called patriots?

Supporters of the American Revolution were called patriots, and a lot of the American Revolution took place in New England.

What is patriots stadium called?

The New England Patriots play their home games at Gillette Stadium.

Who was the New England Patriots QB before 2002?

Drew Bledsoe

The New England Patriots are located in?

The New England Patriots are from Foxboro, MA.

Who is better New England Patriots or Miami Dolphins?

new England patriots

Why are the Patriots from New England?

The Patriots are from New England because that is where the live and play.

When was New England Patriots created?

New England Patriots was created in 1960.

Who is on the patriots?

You can see a full roster of the New England Patriots at, and search New England Patriots.

What Was The Patriots Location Before New England?

The New England Patriots have always been located in New England, more specifically in Massachusetts. The team was established in 1959 as the Boston Patriots and they played in stadiums in the Boston area. In 1971 the team moved to a new stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The team name was then changed to the New England Patriots.

What state are the New England Patriots from?

The New England Patriots are from Massachusetts but also represent the New England area.

Why are the New England Patriots called the patirots?

The original name was the Boston patriots named for all the patriots from the American revolution

What football team are called the proud Americans?

The New England "Patriots"

What nfl team called American forefathers?

The New England Patriots.

Where were the New England Patriots located before playing for New England?

In the 1960s they played in Boston at Nickerson Field, Harvard Stadium, Fenway Park, and Alumni Stadium. In 1970, they moved to Foxborough, they tried to change their name to "Bay State Patriots", but the name was changed after one month, so they called themselves the New England Patriots. They have always played for New England, in Boston.

Where do the New England Patriots come from?

The New England Patriots are located in Foxboro, MA.

Where is the home town of the New England Patriots?

Boston is the home of the New England Patriots!

Who is the tallest New England Patriots player?

no one cares about the new england patriots

What is the main adresss of the New England Patriots?

The address of the New England Patriots is: The New England Patriots 1 Patriot Place Foxboro, Ma. 02035

Where is New England patriotes?

The New England Patriots are based in a town south of Boston called Foxboro, Massachusetts.