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Salem Witch Trials

Salem Witch Trials began in 1692. As history would have you believe it the mass hysteria of the "witch hunt" was produced by a young child who had become ill. At this time there was no problem with thinking this was witch craft. However, what history often forgets and few books have entered was in fact five young women were the cause of many deaths. It was said that the young child that was in such pain and tormented could possibly be taken over by demons or witches, but nothing was done about it. One of the young girls had an argument with a laundress of a household and she talked some of her friends into getting even with the laundress and to make a long story short they started to copy the symptoms of the young child (more dramatically) accusing the poor laundress of being a witch.

Panic hit the village and Puritans had trials and some people arrested were tortured into giving up names of witches they knew or face death. Unfortunately these poor souls had no alternative and they gave any name that came to their lips. Like a rolling stone gathering moss more and more people were arrested and accused. One man had heavy stones heaped on him until he would admit to being cursed by the devil, but he refused and the weight of the stones killed him. His last words were said to be "more weight". As many as 172 to 200 people were imprisoned The rest of the prisoners were left to die in the prisons never to be released. President Clinton Pardoned and sanctified 8 of the graves (with blessings) of the innocent women who were accused of witch craft.

See related question below for more information about the possible causes of the Salem Witch Trials.

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What year were the Salem Witch Trials?

The year of the Salem witch trials was 1692

What American town is famous for witch trials?

The American town famous for the Witch Trials (called the Salem Witch Trials) is Salem, Massachusetts.

When did the Salem witch trials end?

The last of the Salem Witch trials ended in may 1693

When did the Salem witch trials start?

the Salem Witch Trials started on Feb. 20. 1692

What are ways they tortured people in the Salem witch trials?

Torture was not used in the Salem Witch Trials.

What year did the Salem witch trials take place?

The Salem Witch Trials took place in 1692.

Why did the Salem witch trials began in The Crucible by Arthur Miller?

The Salem witch trials began in 1692.

What is the setting in the story Salem witch trials?

The Salem Witch Trials is NOT a title for a book. It is the name that describes a witch hysteria, a witch hunt and witch trials that occurred in 1692 in Salem Massachusetts and other towns in Essex County.

Where were the Salem witch trials?

Salem, Massachusets.

When and where did the Salem Witch Trials occur?

The Salem Witch Trials took place in 1692 in Salem Village, Massachusetts, and its surrounding areas.

Salem witch trials 1603 - 1606?

There were no witch trials in Salem in those years. The trials happened in 1692 and 1693.

Who was the witch in the Salem witch trials?

Twenty people were executed as witches in the Salem witch trials, but they were all innocent. There were no actual witches.

What religion was the Salem witch trials?

The Salem, Massachusetts witch trials were started by Puritan religion. (A type of christianity.)

What genre is the story of the witch trials of Salem?

The Salem Witch Trials were a series of real historical events in Salem, Massaschusetts in 1692, NOT A STORY!

When and were did the Salem witch trials start?

The Salem witch panic that lead to trials began in the winter of 1692 in Salem Village, a community within Salem, Massachusetts. The trials themselves began on June 2, 1692 in Salem.

Where did the Salem Witch Trials start?

In salem, Massachusets

Where were the Salem witch trials located?

Salem, Massachusetts

Were did the Salem witch trials start?

Salem, Massachusetts

What was the name of the witch trials of 1692?

The Salem witch trials happened in 1692.

What did the Salem witch trials eat?

The witch trials were an event. An event does not eat.

When did the Salem witch trials occur?

The Salem witch trials took place from June to October of the 17th century

Were the Salem witch trials real?

Yes, the Salem witch trials were real. They started in 1692. It was a very dreaded time

What religion did people practice during the Salem witch trials?

during the Salem witch trials the people practice puritanism.

Hawthornes relatives in the Salem witch trials?

His great-great granfather was John Hathorne, judge in the Salem Witch Trials.

What is a fact about the Salem witch trials but one I don't know?

Check out the related links for information of the Salem Witch Trials.