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Bathing was very uncommon during the Middle Ages. Basins were provided for hand washing in dining halls and hospitals, and bathing was conducted in barrels, but only for the nobility.

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Why were the medieval people smelly?

People during much of the middle ages did not consider frequent bathing to be desireable, or even healthy.

What two things did people base their scientific ideas off of during the middle ages?

The idea that the people in Middle Ages did not wash is based on two misconceptions and myths. Firstly, after doctors claimed bathing was harmful hence people avoided washing too regularly. Secondly, the Christian moralists and churchmen in Middle Ages warned against excessive bathing.

What is the modern myth about bathing in the middle ages?

There is a widespread belief that people did not bathe in the Middle Ages. This myth arises because bathing went out of practice during the Renaissance, when people worried that it was unhealthy and rich people could afford perfume. Since we have a tendency to regard the Renaissance as a period of improvement, we often ascribe anything about it that was unpleasant to the Middle Ages. During most of the Middle Ages, however, people regarded cleanliness as next to godliness, and kept themselves very clean. There is a link below.

What were rivers used for through the ages?

traveling bathing and washing clothes

How did roman bath houses impact us?

No impact. The Roman baths fell out of use soon after the fall of the Roman Empire. So did the bathing habits and routines of the Romans. In the Middle Ages and until the 19th century there were no public baths.

Why is the plauge not apparent today then the middle ages?

Because, in the middle ages bathing was thought to be a disgusting thing. During all that time that the plague was spreading around and killing people, it could have been cured by just soap and water.

Because of what during the Middle Ages do you have good manners?

It depends who "you" are. By modern standards, people in the middle ages would seem boorish, rude, and filthy. Most of our social ettiquette dates from after the middle ages. In the east, bathing was more common in the middle ages, but other practices (such as bathroom... things...) were disgusting pretty much everywhere.

What was the main type of government during the Dark Ages (Middle Ages)?

Kingdoms were the form of government during the Middle Ages

What happened to the insane during the Middle Ages?

During the middle ages the insane were usually outcasts.

How was hygiene in the Middle Ages?

Terrible. From what I remember, people thought bathing was bad for your health, so they didn't do it often, if at all.

What was the name of the holy wars during the middle ages?

Crusades is the name for the holy wars during the Middle Ages.

During the Middle Ages noblewomen had?

During the middle ages noble women had no opportunity no learn how to read and write.

What was the most powerful force in Europe during the Middle Ages?

what was the most powerful Fource During the Middle ages

What thing had the most influence during the middle ages?

wars had the most influence during the Middle Ages in Europe.

During the Middle Ages art was mainly commissioned by?

During the Middle Ages art was mainly commissioned by The Church.

What was the impact of trade on Italy during the middle-ages?


A word that refers to life during middle ages?

Medieval Ages

When did the late Middle Ages start?

During the Middle Ages. But late.

Did the Middle Ages take place during the 1200s?

No, it is the reverse. The 1200s took place during the Middle Ages. The Middle Ages lasted from about 476 to about 1453 AD.

Jobs for peasents during the middles ages?

Peasents jods during the middle ages were sweeping streets and cleaning chimneys

What kind of work were most people involved in during the middle ages?

During the Middle Ages, most people were farmers.

Did Queen Elizabeth rule during the middle ages?

Queen Elizabeth I ruled during the Renaissance, after the Middle Ages ended.

Who was the primary government during the Middle Ages?

Feudalism and feudal monarchies where the primary form of government during the middle ages.

What is the most effective weapon against the plague?

Cleanliness. They weren't called the dark ages for nothing, at that time, in Europe, bathing was considered sinful.

Who invaded Europe in the Middle Ages?

Who invaded Europe during the middle ages